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2732: Sword Vs Pitchfork

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    Shout out to the Arby’s Hive. Keep spreading the gospel and don’t listen to the haters. Arby’s has the meats!!

  2. ajmartin22

    HELL NAW I don’t eat at Arby’s! I saw that RDC World short since I’m subscribed to their channel on YouTube. It has been literally decades since I have eaten at Arby’s and have not gone in years. I was meeting an acquaintance today for lunch at Arby’s. I could not even remember where this Arby’s was and had to map it and do a drive-by to find this place.

    So, upon arriving, we are walking up to the entrance and it is locked even though it’s a business day. I was fine with that and we ended up going elsewhere for lunch. None of my money is going to support the Republican establishment! When visiting my grandmother, I drive past an Arby’s just to see who is supporting the opposition!

    Keep making excellent and entertaining content!


  3. Sofa_King

    Finally got around to finishing episodes 2730 and 2731 too late to submit comments in time for last week’s feedback show but on 2730 (Man versus Everyone) J-L was talking about his jinx, and I couldn’t help but be reminded how, in 2016, we saw LeBron deliver a championship to Cleveland, and the Cubs break their 108 year streak to capture the World Series… but, well, we know what happened shortly after that… Anyway, I can’t help but wonder what sort of monkey’s paw arrangement J-L signed up for in order to finally be on the verge of a breakthrough in his comedy career?

    As to 2731 (Winger Shows), great introduction to Simeon Goodson, and looking forward to y’all having him back on the show, whenever y’all can work it out. I was as taken aback as y’all were to find out that pork was in the Lucky Charms but, if you’ll remember the commercials from when we were kids, they DID say that Lucky Charms were part of a balanced breakfast, so maybe that’s what they meant?

    Lastly, I’m still repping for Arby’s Hive over here. You might have successfully shamed me out of being a PROUD Arby’s eater, but I ain’t stop eating it, though. In fact, I took advantage of a mobile coupon to get 5-for$5 Classic Roast Beef sandwiches just two weeks ago.

  4. PamelaM8

    I’ll risk your ridicule and scorn (because it’s funny!) and admit that two or three times per year I’ll go through an Arby’s drive through for a classic roast beef sandwich with Arby’s and Horsey sauce, but nothing else, usually because I’m literally starving and need some protein . We go by an Arby’s on the way to visit my mother and we like to count how many cars are in the drive through supporting the Republican party! There’s always a few because we’re in Indiana. I’ve also got two coupons for free breakfast sandwiches from Chick-fil-A on my desk, I ain’t shamed! All y’all are eating that chicken too sometimes!

    Make it a great week!


  5. ApiafromGermany

    As for racism, of course it also exists here but as far I can tell it’s more the individual racism. Germany as a country doesn’t for example try to take away voting rights from a certain group so at least that’s good. I wonder how it is for a black person to live here ( and have as I often said no black friends to ask because there are almost only white people in my proximity)
    ,because a black person will be very often the only one black person in the room. I’m sure being the only one other is a burden. But at least it’s free college and health insurance for everyone!

  6. BlackSteve_NoHarvey

    Look yall i work uptown and the lunch rush be trifling sometimes. And for some reason Arbys dont never have a line at the drive thru (shoulder shrug emoji). Sheeeeeit I be back at my desk in under 30 minutes like the Dominos Noid with some curly fries and the same regrets i would have if i waited in line at Bojangles. Of course Arbys is sellin drugs to the community but I cant hate because Black Dynamite, I (used to) sell drugs to the community! You can call us apologists or accessories to crimes, but I like to think of us as enterprising opportunists. Stay strong E.V.E.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    You talked about black people deciding not to hit their kids. Same here. In my childhood there was hitting, not extreme and it was very common in Poland at that time, but still. I think parents who manage to breake the tradition of hitting kids deserve some kind of medal. It’d not easy to react calmly in very stressful situations.
    I don’t think not hitting your kids means that they have more autonomy and responsibility necessary. We still have rules for them. The punishment for breaking them is just different. Here it’s getting a talk from mom or dad.

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