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2734: Keke Palmer and Jonah Hill

Rod and Karen get a little carried away in this rambly episode about love and relationships based on Keke Palmer, Jonah Hill, friends who want to dominate the phone, parking spaces, Lightskinned Keisha, social media, cheating, and Optimus Prime Day.

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  1. HvyWght

    In Karen’s defense, The Terrell Show IS a real thing! Famous YouTuber Terrell Grice does an interview show intermixed with a song association game. If you wanna know who the SANGIN ass singers of today are, like Sheléa, Avery Wilson, and Samara Joy? It’s a must watch. Good call, Karen!

  2. EvieE

    I definitely think Keke’s baby Daddy had some dudes in his ear before he made that tweet because he’s posted pics of her with less than that on his social media. And then when he started to double down because his ego was hurt when people went in on him and he was trying to save face. It probably hurt his pride that people were calling him a nobody but I’m not sure what he expected when he’s with someone who isn’t just black famous. Baby that’s Keke Palmer. She’s a Nickelodeon and Disney star so she’s huge. I don’t think Keke dancing with usher at a concert was any extra than what any other auntie would have done. Hell, if it was me I would have backed that thang up on Usher like I don’t have a care in the world.
    He’s posted a few things implying keke isn’t going anywhere and maybe she isn’t but we haven’t heard from him in days. I think she probably got in his ass. Time will tell. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would put up with that for long.

    As for Jonah hill it sounds like he’s using therapy words to be manipulative but the timing on the ex’s part seems kind of strange especially since he’s moved on and she doesn’t want him to respond. Maybe he is a huge piece of shit but I think when someone releases text messages they need to be prepared for the other person to release their own set of texts.

  3. ginagate

    I think Karen was absolutely right when she said there are men out here who will see your light and get with you to try and dim it, if not put it out altogether. They are drawn to whatever quality (bubbly, artistic, sexual energy, physical attributes, intelligence, whatever) and then when in the relationship, it becomes a problem. you’re ‘doing too much’, that was ‘for single you’. I’ve been there. And yes, Rod, it is about control and fear , but also about ego. They want the trophy — the beauty, the accomplishments, etc, but there is the fear that someone else will either try to take you from them or you will go elsewhere bc you’re too X for them. It’s sad. In heteronormative relationships, , I think women do this to a certain extent but because we don’t objectify men the same way they do us , it’s more common in men than you might think. Great discussion! (though i don’t think i’d tell my husband about this one bc it’ll start an argument – ha!)

  4. Miss1ko

    Hey folks!
    I knew y’all would bring out the comedy in these situations with insight.
    Rod starting off with I’m sorry I’m high had be cackling. Also Karen was right, the show on YouTube is the Terrell Show. That is exactly how I knew she was still with the father of her son.
    I’ve been to the Usher show in Vegas and it is a good time. He does crowd work every show and if celebrity is there acknowledged them but he doesn’t always do a big serenade but he always serenades somebody in the crowd where they sit. There are so many layers to this…comedic layers that is. But ultimately like Karen said, this is some shit we didn’t have to know. He had a whole tweet where he said when he’s insecure he projects onto others. So he may be self aware. She was definitely America’s sweetheart however she has been dressing sexy over the last few years, her body just wasn’t filled out. She wore something similar to the Hustler’s premier. I think more curvaceous figures get a different response. But the death of Rnb perspective was fresh and on point Rod!!!
    Anyway love the show!

  5. RoninRaphael

    Both men took me back to a couple of Nigerian actors. The first one to make my teenage self aware back then was being interviewed after she had been absent from Nollywood for some years. She just stopped making films right when her star was beginning to shine brighter, she is asked what made her step away from her craft? Her answer was that she got married and her husband did not want another man kissing or holding his wife. Even as a teenager, that felt weird for a man to marry an actor and she would now quit the job that he fell in love with her doing in the first place. Then over the years, it would happen to a few more stars and be treated like it’s nothing but to no surprise some of those marriages crashed and the women would return back to their craft. A few years later I finally found the words that it was all about control. So ya’ll can contribute to my time travel machine that’s more reliable than a submarine. so I can go back and explain properly to my teenage self. Let’s invest in our young men!

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