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PG 373: Momma Dee Didn’t Deserve This

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss Amazon Prime Day, headphones, going to the movies, Drapetomaniax Podcast, Muscles and Mayhem, Catching Killers, and some reality show news.


  1. Slickbarber

    Hi Rod, Karen, & Justin,

    Rod I heard you talk about the Netflix documentary about the American Gladiators. I wanted to see if you watched the ESPN 30 for 30 about the American Gladiators. The Netflix documentary was better that the 30 for 30 in my opinion. The 30 for 30 focused on the founder/creator of the show and didn’t feature the popular gladiators. The only popular Gladiator to be on both documentaries was Gemini. It was mentioned on the Netflix documentary that Blaze and Sarge married each other; however, their son was featured on the Netflix doucmentary QB1. It followed him during his senior season of high school, and he is now a college football player.

    Thanks for the great show.


    Greetings Rod, Karen, and Justin aldean

    Hope all is well! Y’all Caught a knee-gro off guard last week! But it’s all good, great show regardless! Hope the week was kind to you guys.

    So Jason aldean, a country singer is in hot water based off his song: “try that in a small town” where he is throwing shots at protesters (in particular BLM). the song and video was removed from CMT (country music television) and I personally listened to the lyric video on you tube to not mistake what he was saying. And I must say it’s definitely giving sun down town vibes! He, of course is defending it patriotic style and of course the comments of those who think like him are like “thank you for this”. Sheryl crow even called him out saying the song was lame! (Cook out invite perhaps?) lol.

    Shoutouts to cordae and Naomi Osaka on the birth of their child.

    Lastly, this is for the Documentary Don, rod! I know you are into docs, and when you discuss them on the podcast, at time you might mention you are almost done or stopped at a certain place, etc. Do you find it difficult to keep up with if the doc isn’t broken up in parts? Like says it’s 1 hr 10 mins and you stops and minute 48, 2 days later you pick it back up do you find it difficult to remember what you just watched? Or do you have to like rewind back some to refresh your memory? I know it’s a lil easier when it’s broken down into episodes. Maybe you are great at retaining info, but I was just curious!

    Congrats on the live show announcement as well

    You guys have a great one

    Fyahworks out

  3. Sean

    End of semester, so not much time to leave comments (so much grading), but I just wanted to offer condolences on the loss of the great show Game Theory.

  4. RoninRaphael

    Dang Rod, shaming us like that, I know that you are a good brother, HOWEVER… I had stuff to say about Keke Palmer but after hearing Karen and yourself talking about it multiple times over the week, AI took over and left my comment on a regular episode.

    The guy who got kicked out of the chat room reminded me of what happened when I guest hosted a Nigerian YouTube show last year. All was going good and I was responding to the comments in the chats and talking to the guests on screens. Then I began to notice one comment was completely off topic, unfortunately a guest could read it and fell into the trap by responding before I caught it. So I quickly tackled whatever the person wanted and returned back to our gist. Next thing I know, a fight had begun in the chat as everyone was trying to prove a point to this chaos agent and the guests were slowly getting distracted as one seemed to be itching to get in, so I paused everything and addressed everyone to stop feeding the damn Troll who had not contributed a single point to the topic being discussed except start a brand new fight. Be gone Devil (Nigerians understand that language) and it seemed to snap everyone out of their hypnosis back to the original programing. I know that the guy who you kicked out was totally different but I was reminded as I almost panicked then I thought “why am I tolerating this mudafucker here? I don’t need to be polite to a douche.”

    Alright back to preparing for Mission Impossible stunts

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