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BDS 483: Taking A Stab At Justice

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Jeff Teague defending Steph, Dwight Howard controversies, Undisputed can’t replace Shannon, Megan Rapinoe retiring, Cam’ron expanding the brand, Chiefsaholic arrested, Ja’s best friend arrested, Clarence Thomas kicking it with NFL owners, Larsa traumatized by MJ disapproving of her relationship with his son, Caster Semenya wins appeal, PGA testifies before congress, Zion Williamson update, Mikala Jones dies in a surfing accident, NBA expansion potential cities, Larry Nassar shanked, Dan Snyder had Blackmail Powerpoint, Aaron Hernandez brother ordered to be arrested, Josh Jacobs rumored 8th child, Alvin Kamara may be suspended, Britney Spears demands a public apology, Kyrie new shoe deal, Joel is cool with Harden, Olovsky grosses everyone out, Scottie Pippen new boo and Big 3 player goes full insurrection.




    What’s good Rod, Karen, and Jerrion Winfrey

    Rod, you know what I came here for!!!
    kindly gimme that Ray Lewis!!

    defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey of the cleveland blacks, was cut Wednesday after a woman said he threatened her and had a gun.
    When I saw his pic , in the words of Justin…. “He did that shit”!!!

    Kareem hunt had a similar domestic issue in a hotel while with the chiefs but the browns picked him up, but let this guy go? I guess!

    You guys are the best, have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!

  2. RoninRaphael

    Clarence Thomas appearing here is the final straw, I demand a trade for that Koon and replace him with Steve Harvey. Now that’s going to elevate the SCOTUS.

    I also wondered WHAT when I heard that Cam’ron Gmail email. He is reality TV material.

    I just wanted to know, did Kyrie watch that show about the basketball star who signed with the basketball shoe owned company owned Chinese billionaire that is on Starz? I think the billionaire also dated his mum (on the show). Maybe Kyrie is bringing the show to life.

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