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TNO 199: Taking Back Comic-Con

Rod, Karen, Joe and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, new What If series, Kiersey Clemons comes clean, robots won’t steal jobs, Black Panther game announced, Sega of America has unionized, voice actor speaks out against AI, Shang-Chi pushed back, Sega exec dismisses Blockchain games as boring, Amazon’s Citadel $250 flop, NBA 2k24 will have cross play, DCU is confusing, Disney pulling back on Marvel and Star Wars, Deadpool 3 stops filming, Xbox getting Antstream Arcade, Comic-Con, House of the Dragon 2, Bungie wins lawsuit against player who harassed developer, Dead reckoning didn’t use de-aging, Fast and Furious roller coaster, Alita Battle Angel sequels and Secret Invasion was expensive.


  1. Felix

    Hi Y’all Felix here. Rather than talk about how I was upset about the secret invasion ending, I will just talk about positive stuff haha. I am happy to report that after 2 great issues, Eve Ewing’s black panther is on some solid footing. Can’t believe we already got a wakandan Catwoman with an outfit that’s cool plus shows off how buff she is. Can’t hate at all. I’m just gonna be enjoying the ride.

    Next up I absolutely love the new superman cartoon. Love how they’ve gone out of their way to give people that have always wanted to fuck Clark some good content. I like the design of his muscles even if I’m not the biggest fan of his new suit. Lois being slim thick and Korean got everybody acting up but I am also a fan of this change. Jimmy actually acting like Jimmy for the first time in an adaptation in what feels like decades Is the craziest thing for me. I absolutely love this version of Jimmy even though he has my least favourite design of the reboot. Not that it’s bad but I just don’t vibe with it. Maybe it’s because it’s giving “I’m not like other blacks” but I’ll get over it I hope lol.

    Back to black panther, I am extremely excited and curious to see what reference points this game will hit for a black panther scholar like myself. If it’ll take into account all the political issues wakandans been through in the comics and if it’ll be a global adventure or go around other wakandan cities. Eve’s run being set outside the golden city has been such an immense breath if fresh air that I can’t help but hope they’re taking notes from what she’s doing. I also wouldn’t be mad at incorporating the intergalactic empire of wakanda. There’s so many directions they could go without ever touching characters outside wakanda and I’m hoping they embrace fully realising wakanda instead of being as concerned with the affairs of people outside wakanda as the disastrous Ridley run. I hope they grab some of the cast of the avengers black panther dlc because I really liked the T’challa and Shuri they cast for that.

    I haven’t really kept up with any nerdy stuff outside that unless the 5 Kdramas I finished in the last 3 weeks count haha. My favourite being Mr Queen which is now in my top 10 of all time greatest shows. Haven’t laughed and cried that much in a while. I also watched half of bloodhounds on netflix and outside the action didn’t really vibe with it. Despite the main 2 dudes being the sexiest men I’ve ever seen I can’t keep going just on that lol. Anyways, looking forward to the episode as always. Love y’all, Felix out.


    Marvel Studios, I can’t stay mad at you forever. I don’t even love Loki but I can’t wait. Secret Invasion, after thinking about it more, just left a bad impression. No, I don’t think the show needed The Avengers, it just needed….more. More episodes, better continuity, better structure. I was disappointed in a manner that Dark World disappointed me with its unimpressive world-building. Nick Fury was outchea fuckin’ up like Frank Drebin in that motherfucker. But I got over it and life goes on. Loki & The Marvels seem to have a better template to SI.

    I started playing The Ascent and I like it, so far. It was a game that used to be on Game Pass for a time but it has since left the platform and I needed something to kill some time and enjoy myself and it provides. It’s a top-down shooter, where you play a non-descript dude doing things for, well, The Ascent. It’s a bit of a collect-a-thon, a common phrase once mentioned by Electronic Gaming Monthly but I like those sometimes, where you wanna just max out your character before a pivotal boss fight or a mini-boss. Was doing that quite a bit in Far Cry 3. So I’ve been playing that.

    Even watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 again. Nigga, it’s better with each rewatch. Something about it wasn’t clicking with me, at first, which was that part of it was without Rocket for much of it but that was the point. Also, some of the Counter-Earth beats were a bit too weird, but that’s why these vehicles need to be rewatched, sometimes, to just understand why a story is evolving in that manner. Vol 2 had a bit of that, trying to tell the stories of Quill, Ego, Mantis, Nebula & Gamora. Felt a bit cluttered but Gunn being the solid writer & director he is, put that one together nicely. Besides the MCU Spider-Man movies, Guardians is the closest solo series to rival Holland’s flicks in story, conflict, undealt with trauma, etc. Not to mention the damn comedy.

    Plus, I don’t ever want to hear anybody say they have a villain problem with Chukwudi Iwuji’s exemplary performance as the High Evolutionary. Imagine the worst person in the planet and you have that dipshit. Unrepentantly irredeemable on every level. I’ve seen GOTGV3 four times in the same year and might rewatch for the director’s commentary before the start of the NFL season. What a fucking great film. Peace.

  3. athom023

    Hey Y’all,

    Rod, I just finished the first season of Black Summer and you was right! That finale had non stop action and I was stressed out the whole time. My jaw dropped when blondie had to take broken leg guy out. I was like noooooooo! I think he was gonna make it 🙁 Well, I am excited for season two and where it goes. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. RoninRaphael

    Anyone have any clue about what’s happening at New Rockstars? Seems like a bunch of firings and the other day youtube recommended a video from Ringerverse. That’s how I got to find out that Jessica Clemens is no longer with New Rockstars and everyone commenting seemed to be in the same boat as me. MT does tweet a lot regularly, but this time you know that he’s in real pain. Sad to see the breakup of such a wonderful team that NR had.

  5. rodimusprime

    Salutations my favorite Nerds,

    For the failure of Citadel, I blame Joe even if he won’t be here to defend himself. Tell him that it was me (I’ll tell him too haha). He always has one Whyte Bae from every show that he’s stanning for on the South African Prince app, but somehow he avoided Priyanka. Hmmm

    I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in watching Bloodhounds or as I like to call it “Korean One Punchman” main dudes punches come with the heat. I love that show. I was celebrating the wins like I was part of the team.

    Anyone seen Ōoku The Inner Chamber on Netflix? Just the trailer got me intrigued. I wouldn’t be surprised if some “men’s or family rights groups ” complained about it.

    Solidarity with the actors and writers on strike

    Ronin Rapheal

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