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PG 375: Tubi Meth

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss family visiting in town, the old people club, Rod sees his white friends for the first time in years, the upcoming live show, Carlee Russell, woman cooking for her husband after a long shift, Karen’s mailbox confusion, Tubi movies, listener feedback and news.


  1. rodimusprime

    How’s it going everyone

    Sorry, I’m a bit behind, but I enjoy the Doco recommendations & you recently mentioned a Hillsong one.

    Anytime I hear someone mention Hillsong, it makes me laugh because it reminds me of how all the holes I drilled for their handrails are crooked cause I couldn’t drill down straight with the concrete drill.

    Have a good 1


    Hey y’all,

    Hope all is well! Missed y’all last week. I was on holiday on the beautiful island of Curacao! So a nigga playing catch up! Holiday is how the British and Europe say “vacation” and I wanna take y’all to the uk for a second. The uk is raising taxes on alcohol. But the twist is, the taxes will be measured by strength of the drink
    So wines will be a certain tax rate while gin and stronger drinks will be higher than wine. It’s all in an effort to have people cut back on drinking. Which won’t work but do ya thing UK.

    Do you think this is something America might adapt?

    Also have you guys heard about nyc city and it’s congestion pricing? They will be charging cashless tolls in midtown Manhattan close to where you were working Rod. In an attempt to ease up the traffic. In the city. It’s something that has been spoken about for years, and they finally started to put up the toll readers on the west side of Manhattan. Of course no one is happy about it but it is what it is. I’ve always avoided drive in the city and now they have given me more reason not too.

    Here is an ig clip about it.

    In tv, I’ve been watching the Lincoln lawyer on Netflix which is pretty good. (It’s 2 seasons) and I just finished up hijack with idris Elba on Apple TV which i also enjoyed. It’s 7 episodes which for a British show is about standard. British show normally don’t do 8-12 episodes like American shows. But it was a difficult watch because I’m used to binging, and this was a weekly offering. For anyone who was watching winning time about the lakers on hbo, it returns this weekend. Along with the chi.

    Happy august y’all!

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!

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