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BDS 485: The Khloe Kardashian Konspiracy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, WNBA teammates get engaged, Kim K parties with Tristan, FAMU rap video, Tom Brady dating Irina Shayk, Jordan Addison had a dog emergency, Bryce James shuts down gang signs selfie, Bills RB hurt in jet skiing accident, another NFL player suspended for gambling, Aaron Hernandez brother arrested, Bronny James suffers cardiac arrest, NBA players at the beach, Jayson Tatum not with load management, Olivia Dunne doesn’t go to in-person class, Travis Kelce tried to holler at Taylor Swift, Dwight Howard, Cam Newton suing his ex-girlfriend over car, Mbappe turns down Saudi money, Jaylen Brown dating Bernice, Dame Lillard memo, Floyd Mayweather didn’t see Tupac’s death, Brittany Mahomes foot tat, Zion sued for 2 mil and Adrien Broner apologizes to this girlfriend.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jim Anderson,

    I hope all is well!

    So The Juice saying the math ain’t mathing on Henry Ruggs getting 3 to 10 year for killing that woman while drunk driving but that he got 9 to 33 years for stealing that stuff in a hotel? I guess The Juice just gonna be loose with everything smdh.

    I know y’all don’t cover baseball but did y’all see Tim Anderson get slumped by José Ramírez? And now Anderson trying to tweet through it like we ain’t watch him lose that fight faster than he started it.

    Also, shouts out to the Women’s National Team. It sucks that they got eliminated but they’re in that unfortunate space like the US mens and women’s basketball teams: either you win the chip by scorching the Earth or you suck. So unfortunate and weathered face white man named Alexi Lalas was on Twitter talking about how the USWNT politics are making them polarizing and are part of why they lost. This is the type of hateration and emotional poverty I’d expect from a mediocre white man that looks like a stepped on cigarette butt and who played for probably the greatest ski mask all organization: The United States Men’s National Soccer Team.

    Lalas also went to Rutgers, a univerisity whose athletic department has been at least $265

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend, enjoyed seeing Beyonce and thank you as always for the dope shows!



  2. rodimusprime

    Hello, Rod, Justin and big boss Queen Karen’Yonce!, it’s me Shay!

    As some of us are know a few months before Dearica gave birth to her baby legend she had made little mysterious non specific comments on social media along the lines of…..

    “imagine expressing your fears and being pregnant in this profession/world….then to be reassured that you were supported and your back was had only to be then used against you. LMAO”

    Rumors went crazy, and about a week later it comes out Hamby (a 7 year vet and WNBA champion) was traded to LA sparks for a rookie that had never played a day of basketball in the wnba in her life! A few months after she gets traded Coach Hammon gets suspended for “violating team and league respect in the workplace policies. And the Vegas Aces lose their 2025 first round draft pick Now a bunch of ppl was on some “oh well its been handled nothing more to see here. The game is the game” type shit.

    Fast forward to about a week ago. Skylar Diggins Smith a vet outta Phoenix who also is a brand new mom responds to a post on Twitter from someone asking if the Phoenix mercury were gonna acknowledge her Birthday. Skylar responds.

    “They’re not gonna acknowledge me this year and it’s OK guys. We’re not affiliated unless it’s the checks…per management. I can’t even use the practice facility or any resources.”

    She then goes on to imply in further tweets that she doesn’t have access to a team chiropractor or massage therapist and that there may have been talks of a trade after she could no longer play last season due to pregnancy complications. She also posted several videos of herself shooting layups with a location of a ymca..soooo…

    My thing is I understand theres two sides to every story, but this is a not a league that has a reputation for doing more then the bare minimum for its players Cambage also recently did a 1 and a half hour video where she discusses some of the issues with this league. Of course shes not the best messenger, but where there’s smoke there’s absolutely fire.

    Y’all have a good day

  3. trey_swindu744

    Well, well, well Miss…. Elizabeth…Cambage ….. COME ON DOWN you’re the next contestant on todays sports summer jam screen edition of Am -I – the Asshole lol.

    Welp, y’all they dropped that tape of Liz doing what she claimed she didn’t do during that scrimmage game with that Nigerian team. Ole girl caught her with a running Falcon(Sam Wilson) punch and did yall notice none of her teammates ran up to have her back . It speaks volumes when your own teammates don’t want to fuck with you. I mean they just stood there like ,” Here she go again.” Lol.

    She did help the Australian team win some medals in past Olympics but I guess she had such a fucked up attitude- remember the Australian head coach banned her from the team. Can y’all imagine helping your team win a gold medal and they still don’t want to fuck with you.

    I don’t know if she is just one of those army of one type of people( it’s all about me and fuck everyone else)but good luck to her with all that bullshit yall lol.


  4. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, Jon Rivera. It was just three weeks ago the Commanders sold, and Washingtons long standing nightmare was over. The world had moved on to talking about Tim Anderson getting knocked out. Yeah crazy to me to that more black people watch Wes Anderson movies than baseball, but we all know Tim has been living out part II of confessions over the last year. Then the oriels suspending their play by play guy for no fucking reason at all broke ole riverboat and he said hold my beer. Washington needs to be back in the news for all the wrong reasons. What he said about Bienemy was complete bullshit and the apology was too. Rivera is one of the most overrated coaches in the game. He should have never been a head coach again after his dumbass benched cam for not wearing a tie on the team plane. Now if Bienemy got inspired by the boat dock battle royal and rock bottomed Ron I would understand. This man is out here trying to get a head coaching job and is being undermined by his insecure underperforming head coach. Cause he is telling players to run back to the huddle during practice. No wonder Washington has been a joke since the Bush’s were stealing elections. As always peace

  5. rodimusprime

    G’day everybody

    With the Hall of Fame ceremony happening this weekend, just thought I’d write in with a story that adds to why I’m a Dwyane Wade fan.

    Back during the lockout in 2011 Wade & Gabrielle Union came down here & did an appearance for Gatorade & they asked for submissions for Sydney’s biggest Wade fan to get a chance to meet him.

    I nominated a friend who was a big Heat fan & was in remission after going through chemo for a brain tumor a year earlier & they ended up picking him.

    He spent just over an hour hanging out with Wade & Gabrielle. Got a bunch of photos & a heap of stuff signed. Then they came out & met & signed stuff for other people, including me.

    Unfortunately, the shit came back & just over a year later my friend passed. A few days after, the family received a card & flowers from Wade & Gabrielle.

    While I’m a fan of Wade for what he did with the Heat, what he did for my friend is a bigger reason for me to be.

    Also, getting a pic with Gabrielle Union was great.



    Greetings rod, Karen, and jark Jackson

    Mama! There’s goes that man! Is what espn said when they let mark jackson go from espn the other day. And now according to “the source “ magazine, mark jackson has been offered 1 million From cam soda, for play by play duties during live shows. Cam soda is not sodas on camera, but instead a webcam site with sexual activities going on. Now these folks must not know mark jackson to even think he would entertain an offer like this. He is very religious so this definitely out of his comfort zone. On a serious note, being that he is no longer on espn, what y’all think could be his next move? Fs1? A podcast with Jeff van gundy? Go into the church? Maybe Bible study on only fans?

    Lastly, Justin you asked last podcast if I was into law and crime, nah brother. I just enjoy hearing these drops, especially the Ray Lewis one, and if I find a story imma write about it lol!

    So for the culture, let’s do it again! What does Hunter dekker. And Aaron boom have in common beside being white? One plays football for Iowa. And one Iowa state! here’s the “kicker”, they both got accused of BETTING! Aaron blom a kicker, for iowa. is accused of placing 170 different bets totaling $4,400 before his 21st Birthday, which means he was underage.

    Hunter dekkers, who is a quarterback from Iowa state, is also accused of underage betting, betting on his own team, and getting his parents involved with helping place these bets. he was also caught on video making bets. There are also former players from both schools that are caught up in this whole scandal/ sting operation between both universities.
    Hunter is gonna plead not guilty but in the same breath, step away from the team to figure to out where he went wrong and how he got caught, I mean focus on his studies and fight his case. I also read any current players who are found guilty will lose a year of eligibility. Guess these fellas didn’t get any of that NIL money so they had to find way to get paid.

    Have a great weekend

    Appreciate you guys

    Fyahworks out!

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