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SMR 462: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Rod and Karen review the Seth Rogen reboot, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.” We also discuss your feedback.



    Mutant Mayhem is a just a dope time at the movies. Ice Cube is great as Superfly, Ayo Edebiri is wonderful as April O’ Neil and I loved the rest of the voice cast. Jackie Chan was having a blast as Splinter, which is a bit of an ode to one of Martial Arts greatest legends. There’s just a unique sense of levity here that hasn’t been in these movies in quite sometime. It’s a pretty loose movie, which helps things chug along in a good manner. Helps that it’s also short. Forgot to mention, the Oldboy-inspired fighting montage is so well done. Probably my favorite out of all the fights. I got a lot out of it and can’t wait to buy this on physical 4K.

  2. RoninRaphael

    What’s good Rod and Karen,

    First of all, Rod and my kid said almost the exact same thing after seeing this movie that this was the best TMNT movie. However, ask my almost 5 year old how many TMNT movies she’s seen before this? None! That kid first this is the greatest movie ever (said the same shit after Super Mario and Across the Spiderverse). She saw the Little Mermaid with her mum and grandmother, so I don’t know if she said the same. I’m beginning to see a trend and she wants to start a podcast talking about movies. The hustle is real!

    Anyways, I had a great time with Mutant Mayhem and I agree Seth Rogen is a bona-fide when it comes to the Nerds entertainment. I love how we are getting different types of animations today and if you’re going to reboot a franchise, go big or take risks like this. The turtles were legit teenagers fucking up and naive plus Splinter being an over protective dad all made good storytelling along with NYC being a character as rightly pointed out by Karen.

    At first a part of me wasn’t happy with the idea of all the mutants except Supafly living together and Splinter having a love life. I slept over it and it was even cooler to me. Just because I had gotten used to them fighting each other in every variation, doesn’t mean that this adaptation has to be the exact same thing as before then I will still be mad at the production right? So fuck it, it was done right and I’m here for the ride. My kid is one lucky one getting introduced to great characters via awesome movies unlike my time hahaha.

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