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2745: A President Is Not A King

Rod and Karen discuss Donald Trump getting indicted for the January 6th insurrection, election news, Cardi B is a battery suspect, Viola Davis walks off of movie, Howard Stern and that’s it!

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  1. EvieE

    I have to admit I was skeptical about ever seeing the day of Trump’s indictment because these motherfuckers just keep getting away with it. But now a sliver of hope has entered my heart and I’m looking forward to seeing this orange asshole go to prison. I hope he goes out like Jeffry Epstein.


    Talk yo shit, Rod & Karen. Put respeck on Merrick Garland’s name. People are giving Jack Smith credit for what Garland put him on to do. Honestly, I haven’t really followed much of the trial. Between work & life, you barely have anytime. In Joe Biden’s America, it’s a blessing to be not bogged down by annoying news stories about the threat of this or that. Networks feeding off our anxiety, especially, is a problem. I was listening to Dan Le Bastard talk to Beto O’ Rourke, which was a good conversation but one thing I don’t have time for anymore is apathy. Dan mentioned it when he talked about being disgusted with politics and how Democrats are letting Trump get away. So many smart people drinking the poison of apathy like it’s an expired bloody Mary. We’re always “disgusted” by bullshit and as a country and as a people, we let it happen at face value and you still have people like Dan be in denial about what’s happening. Whether knowingly or not, that shit is why local, state, national, municipal politics are in the shitter. Not to mention, the defunding of local news across the US. Apathy has so many seemingly progressive people, like your Le Batards, Rachel Maddows, Chris Hayes, Cenk Uygur and Thom Hartmanns sound like de facto, sucking-all-the-air libertarians. Yes, Republicans, sure, but they sound like your Ron Pauls, Ralph Naders, Cornel West. A bunch of useless motherfuckers. Yet, people can’t “see it” and even when they do, resort back to the caverns of “it’s not enough” or “do something”. Whether it’s psychologically based or a network oriented goal from the powers that be or both, it’s fucking us all up in totality. I’m just sick of it. I wish people had the balls to look at all the propaganda in the face and say “fuck you” because, yes it erodes countries but there’s a reason why you have a choice to fight through it. You can’t blame Kamala Harris for Backpage for fucking ever, like for the fucking why she did that, instead of calling her a cop and maybe point the finger at those goddamn Johns. Same for Teflon Joe Biden doing all the things we want him to do and the things we didn’t even ask him to do in the process. Pick a fucking a lane and stay in it. Politicians are people like us, like it or not. Just sitting on the sidelines expecting things to just happen because only Joe can do it is how we got Trump, Dubya, and all those Republicans in the House & Senate in 2010-14 for instance when Barack was president. Shit, Joe & Jill outchea watching Oppenheimer and letting the process workout with Garland & Smith. I don’t want him to talk about it. Let them cogs run.

    And in closing, Fuck Ice Cube. Killed it in Mutant Mayhem, but you’re killing us too with your apathy. Same for Big Boi & Killer Mike. Stop fucking around and stay out of this shit, please. Take care, y’all.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Good. I hope for consequences.

  4. Cinia

    I also wasn’t shocked at Trump’s indictment. And the fact that this indictment didn’t get pushed into later this year or early next year to favor the Biden Administration in the election lets you know this is a real investigation and not politically motivated.
    Cable “news” is nothing but entertainment. I stopped watching it altogether about a year ago. Every once in a while I will turn in to watch when a big story drops, like Trump getting indicted over the insurrection, because I can deal with their animated monologues and diatribes in those moments. Otherwise, I can’t take it. Just give me the facts without all the snarky commentary. The truth be wild enough all on its own.

  5. Tommydeee

    The whoever did the Fuck DT song at the end sounded like the same person that did the Ben Carson for president song. Maybe it is. Trump winning took away his opertunity to create more Ben Carson bangers. This Fuck Donald Trump song just might be his revenge

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars to Merrick Garland, Jack Smith, and the DOJ for doing their thing.
    I am so tired of the Cheeto King and I hope jail time is coming soon.

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