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SMR 463: They Cloned Tyrone

Rod does a solo-review of the Black Sci-Fi movie “They Cloned Tyrone.”



    And critics say they don’t make new shit.

    They Cloned Tyrone is an effective ode to blaxplotation with a blend of modern filmmaking by Juel Taylor & his writing colleague Tony Rettenmaier. Not only did I appreciate how funny it was, just its subject matter is very smart, which is rare for Netflix, which doesn’t do these, rarely, on the movie end. I’m actually rewatching it to get nuances, plot points, etcetera.

    Love the cast. Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, Teyonah Parris & Kiefer Sutherland were strong throughout. I did wish Kiefer’s character got some more backstory & the codename Olympia Black was more defined, but these complaints are minor in a GOD DAMN! excellent package.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Now brother Rod,

    At the end of this movie it dawned on me that I got clones out there using my name and photos to hustle da internet pimping for Africa. What’s a Ronin got to do to survive now?

    Man, this movie was fire. Boyega, Foxx and Parrish were so good along with the support plus cameos. I can’t for the life of me rap my head around the “it’s a Jordan Peele ripoff” crowd. Why must there be only one nigga for everything? I like variety and diversity, yes Black horror storytelling too. Shits annoying af!

    I loved how this movie felt both in the present and past along with futuristic at the same time. Creative team on point. I haven’t finished I’m A Virgo, it does remind me of They Cloned Tyrone in looks. There’s also a blaxploitation vibe and conspiracy hmmm I should go back to it.

    I was eating some chicken while watching They Cloned Tyrone, I think it really tasted that good or it could be a powder? I did feel like I could ski for a minute. Give me West Coast Tyrone and more… I’m addicted (my clone is).

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