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TNO 200: The Twisted Metal Bumblebee

Rod, Karen, Bacon and LJ discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Assassin’s Creed haptic vest, Fable creative director leaves team, Xbox will keep COD on Playstation, Netflix canceling the Masters Of Universe, Justin Roiland being replaced on Rick and Morty, Xbox hardware sales in a slump, Nicki Minaj, you pay with Venmo on Xbox, Dungeons and Dragons 2 sequel, Hasbro wants Transformers games on GamePass, Wonder Woman 3, NASA Plus, naked Chun Li, Baldur’s Gate, animated DC movies getting theater releases, Warner Bros / Discover loses subscribers after rebranding HBO Max, Disney digitized actors, Beyond The Spider-Verse delayed, Lando series, Call of Duty cheaters will be exposed, Disenchantment ending with season 5, Xbox letting gamers repair their controller parts, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Assassin’s Creed Mirage will take about 25-30 hours to beat, TMNT sequel, Yoshi P tired of trolls complaining and a cyber attack shuts down hospitals in some states.


  1. SheetRock215

    Greetings fellow nerds,

    After watching Twisted Metal, I feel the show is…entertaining despite itself? Like the jokes are sophomoric but I still laughed. I’m still not sure if I was laughing “with” or “at” the show. But the show does just enough to make all the negatives bearable. For instance, the episodes being only 30 minutes. Also, I feel the show is paced well. And I gotta give a shout out to Anthony Mackie for just going for it. I feel he dropped his ego for the performance and it serves the show. I mean, they call him a “milk man” lol. There’s a flashback scene where he makes a face while on a toilet that makes me laugh every time I think of it. Peacock got me. I’m surprisingly looking forward to season 2.

    In more somber news, Dune 2 got delayed to 2024. This was THE movie I was most excited for this year. The spice was supposed to flow! AMPTP, you will crumble!

    I am so excited for Labor Day Weekend. The Wheel of Time is back and not only is Starfield available via early access but Baldur’s Gate 3 on PlayStation will be available via early access as well. This is my Barbenheimer, my… Starfield’s Gate. I am taking that Friday off. 4 days of just nerding out!

    Thanks for The Nerd Off episodes y’all. I always look forward to these.



    Twisted Metal has got to be one of the most “so bad, it’s competent” shows I’ve ever watched. I never thought it would make sense to make a once-beloved vehicular combat series into a legit show for consumption. Stephanie Beatriz is legit good in this. Her alone is why I’m trudging through the bad writing & Anthony Mackie being a poor man’s Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Ever since he became Captain America and stopped be a spokesperson for “you make Daddy a sandwich”, I turned a new leaf on him. Bruh, his humor is more stale than an outdated pack of Now & Laters. I almost unretired my Mackie ain’t shit agenda because he’s being a tryhard. The whole show is Now & Laters: Colors & uncomfortable chewing.
    Samoa Joe & Will Arnett are fine as Sweet Tooth. At least, there’s somewhat of a character arc, I just find John Doe to be uninteresting. I know his arc from the game series, it’s just not interesting. Yet, here I am with a couple of episodes left to finish, chugging along to it like unhealthy chips from Dollar Tree.

    So I rewatched No Way Home & Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness & they are still great great films. People really got their expectations in such a high place with Multiverse. Granted, some of the TV spots oversold the aspects of the story, which is the job of a trailer. I’m just glad they were quite about my Horror Bae Wanda “I cut Captain Carter’s ass in half” Maximoff. So many bodies claimed from the Illuminati. Apparently, according to Elizabeth Olsen, the writers didn’t watch Wandavision in prep for the latest Strange film. It doesn’t change a thing for me, because, yeah, when she came back for the Darkhold at the end credits of WV, it was always heading that way. People just want to like Wanda but look past her body count & the people she held hostage. That’s the price of villainy, folks. Undealt with tramua & grief usually leads to that conclusion. I don’t make the rules. Sam Raimi was perfect for this. Shit, even Doctor Strange learned a thing or two, being an arrogant asshole. Christine, Wanda & even America Chavez to some extent, allowed him to learn some humility. And that all went to shit with him gettin’ him some of that Darkhold crack! His Sinister self said it best, despite his heroic efforts: “The Darkhold Pays a Heavy Toll”. Forgot to mention, the musical fight was so dope. It was all Raimi’s idea, too. Not Danny Elfman, the composer for Multiverse of Madness. I know people want to big up those Spider-Verse movies & I love them too, but No Way Home & even Far From Home are still my shit. Films even have some tremendous set-pieces even pratictial ones. Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield’s Spidermen being written better than any Spider-Man entry, especially Garfield, which, I can be honest now: Them Amazing movies weren’t good, especially the second movie. They did not age well. Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May is just resilient.
    Goblin fight with Spider-Man had such weight of grief, anger & despair. Every punch & power bomb Spider-Man threw at Goblin was…..yeah. Almost didn’t cure Dat ass, but he did. Good revisiting those.

    The Ascent is good, if not repetitive. Still enjoying that & I can’t wait to get Mortal Kombat 1 & Armored Core 6. Armored Core 6 will take a little longer to get because I’m having money issues, so I can’t afford both premium copies yet.

    Great show, as always. Take care, y’all.

  3. athom023


    I just finished Black Summer season 2 and it was just as good as the first. You could tell Netflix upped their budget for the show a bit with the nicer shots, better gore, longer acting moments, etc. The only thing that really stuck out to me was the black guy in the last episode, Mance, who killed like 10 zombies all on his own. I watched that scene like 6 times it was so good and I was super stressed the entire time. They need to make a season 3 if they’ll consider it.

  4. DizzyLizzyGyal

    Rod. I have been telling EVERYONE I know about Black Summer too!! It’s a hard watch and bleak AF but feels so real, despite the zombies! The chaos in the season 1 finale was ::chef’s kiss:: and season 2 was somehow better yet even less hopeful. It is a wild ride and had me on edge, every episode.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey fellow nerds. Another Nerdoff, another time I say “Damn it, I forgot to write after last episode” Not this time, god of procrastination Pothos.

    In July I did I what I believe is the nerdiest thing I have ever done. I traveled to a convention dedicated to one video game in the exotic location of Columbus,Ohio. Sea of Thieves {SoT), the open world Sandbox pirate game, has a dedicated fanbase and we showed up to the two-day event for the cosplay, streamer/podcast panels, specialty drinks and in-game competitions, in which my team won second place overall, and art. So many introverts in one building but most people came out of their shell. Fest of legends 2 is already booked for next year and I can’t wait.

    For those that don’t know, Sea of Thieves, available on game pass for xbox and pc crossplay, is a first-person open world sandbox where you by yourself or a crew of your friends/strangers’ board a ship and sail around and do pirate stuff. Dig up treasure, kill skeletons for profit, hunt down other players on the seas and steal the stuff they found, sea monsters, explore ancient temples and forts, and so much more. Every time you play it is a new experience. They even incorporated Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island into the lore of SoT with their own tall tales of adventure (YARRR). One of the very cool things about this game is that the world keeps evolving and there is usually lore behind why the developer Rare changed things. New mission types plus new or changing landmarks happen every few months keeping the game fresh after 5 years. My sister and I have been playing together since day 1 of the retail release and I don’t see us stopping. I would say Sea of thieves is my favorite game of this and last gen

    If any nerds want to try it out or need a crewmate because it is kind of rough when you first start, hit me up on the xbox: tommydeee.

    Also playing currently Marvel Midnight Suns, went back to SSX 3 from the OG Xbox, and Merge & Blade, a drop down 3 match game that ends in battle each round.
    Staying current on Saga and Fantastic Four

    Have fun, you’re doing a great job, and stay nerdy you dorks

    Tom W

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