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PG 381: Soft Hands

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss having soft hands, King Von, Winning Time getting canceled, gaming, getting vaccinated, getting busy again, The Dreamerspro show, Rod hits a parlay and listener feedback.

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    What’s up y’all,

    1)To my Apple TV peeps the morning show came back with season 3!

    2) the max app will be doing a deal with bleacher report (who is owned by turner) to offer live sports, it will be free till like February and then go for about $10 /month.

    Lastly did you guys hear or speak about Kerry Washington find out her biological dad is a sperm donor, and at her tender age of 46 she just found out recently? I’m behind on the regular shows so forgive me if y’all discuss this.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Fyahworks out

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