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BDS 491: Terrell Owens Was Right

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Stephen A Smith dissing Max Kellerman, Patriot fan dies after fight, Colorado State coach talks shit, Touhy’s say they didn’t want to adopt Oher, mom hugs son after game, Lamar Odom crashes car, McNabb going to Outkick, Jerry Jones says he wants a Black owner in NFL, Sergio Brown disturbing video, Sergio Garcia tried to pay off fines to play in Ryder Cup, Mel Tucker says he has a serious health condition, Austin Rivers, Gilbert Arenas talking about The Dream, Sage Steele’s political future, NFL players retiring, Kevin Porter Jr case takes a twist, FBI raids Bears’ coach’s house, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and “Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!”


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jat MacAfee,

    I hope all is well.

    Shouts out to any of Deion Sanders fans who are looking forward to watching Colorado take Arizona State this weekend cuz they’re about to learn about the Pac-12 media distribution in the most frustrating fashion (as in, the channel is basically impossible to find) and Colorado needs to beat Arizona State (and eventually Arizona and Stanford) to be bowl eligible. I hope folks understand that Colorado winning 6 games and going bowling *is* a successful season and should be celebrated.

    Speaking of the Pac-12, aye fuck Aaron Rodger’s PR specialist, Pat Macafee, for talking shit about Washington State football after Wazzu’s head coach misunderstood Lee Corso calling the Oregon State vs Washington State game “The Nobody Wants Us” bowl (both teams are left without a conference after the Pac-12 dissolves). Wazzu’s head coach even apologized while thoughtfully explaining why he was mad. And then last week during College Gameday, when the camera showed the Washington State flag (which has been flown at every Gameday since October 18, 2003), Aaron Rodger’s PR specialist started screaming about how nobody cares about Wazzu. As a nigga deep in the weeds of college football who likes that Wazzu wave that flag at every Gameday, I’m annoyed that a show I used to wake up for has added this loud, drunken buffoon. Correction, he *hungover* buffoon, since he’s admitted to puking during Gameday commercial breaks cuz of “food poisoning”. Nigga please.

    And in general, I’m amazed that Aaron Rodgers machine was so strong that ESPN hired Macafee off the strength of Rodgers appearing on his show to say dumb shit. And I do mean just utter dumb shit, like calling Travis Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” cuz he’s in the vaccine ad campaign (with his beard when he looked like Travis and not Officer Kelce, btw).

    And speaking of Jets QBs, I think Zach Wilson is looking a bit better (relative to how he’s played before)! Wilson’s ceiling might just be being Okay At Best but he has intact Achilles tendons, which is more than we can say for Throw Rogan old ass.

    So Dame Time is finally over in Portland? It’s interesting how Dame was a prime example of a player trusting their organization to build around him and they let him down. What do y’all make of Dame’s time in Portland?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for the dope shows throughout the week!



    Salutations, Rod Karen and jortland trailblazers

    So the trade is finally done! Dame dolla will be joining forces with the Greek freak!

    My 2 biggest takes from this trade ain’t about impact, it’s about the following:

    1) Portland left Miami on read…..
    It is being reported Portland never really took Miami serious due to assets and I’m assume they really ain’t want to send him to Miami.

    2) be careful with you say, nba is a business and loyalty is no longer rewarded .
    Jrue holiday, Who is soon due for a contract. Or extension, recently came out and said he wanted to retire a buck, in return they said not so fast! He got traded to Portland but he won’t be staying, he gonna get moved somewhere else. Talks are Philly looking at him again! (Philly drafted him) but where would you guys think he will land?

    The Miami dolphins embarrassed Russ and the broncos, something different this past Sunday to the tune of 70-20! They almost broke the record for most points in a game but decided not too. Why was Russ in the whole game when the game was practically over at half time? And it’s been said that the Miami coach is from Denver, grew up there, and was a ball boy for the team! When he was coming up in the coaching ranks, they never granted him an interview. So maybe this was personal!

    You guys have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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