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2779: Don’t Put It In Writing

Rod and Karen banter about going to the movies, NFL camera hijinks, Merriam-Webster new words, Cardi B, Idaho hospital closes maternity ward, talking shit about republicans, Mona Scott Young passes the buck, the Fearless Fund blocked from giving Black women money, burrito assault, frozen chicken assault, rideshare driver assault and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m not even sure Mona Scott young is the problem as long as people continue to consume shows like live and hip hop. All these executives care about money and ratings and as long as people watch they will continue making television like that. There will be more Erica Menas and no one will ever take accountability.

  2. PamelaM8

    So I listened to this episode and then I immediately listened to the Drapetomaniax episode about Boley OK, and it was like a one-two punch! My God, the way that we can’t have s*** without folks sniffing around and trying to block what we’re doing! If we ever get to equality, parity, equity, or whatever you want to call it (and ha! not in my lifetime, because we’re still fighting for the EXACT SAME S*** that we’ve been fighting for for YEARS!), it would do the country and its citizens well if the guiding principle were mind ya business! How much easier life would be if people would just MIND THEIR BUSINESS! That’s what I’m doing, and it works wonderfully!

    On a (gender) related note, if you haven’t seen it, check out the article on NPR called “Men Take Over A Job Fair Intended for Women and Nonbinary Tech Workers”. It was the Grace Hopper Celebration, a career expo for women and nonbinary tech workers, it cost $600-1200 to attend, and it was overrun with men who flat out lied about their gender to cut in front of women to try and get employment prospects. I felt that same Dracarys fire! This ain’t for you, and why are you here?? You’re sitting here quiet while my very rights are being taken away?? But as long as you can get a job by pushing women out of the way, at a conference meant for them, then cool! They could have just MINDED THEIR BUSINESS! Crimson rage is building up again just thinking about this!

    But anyway, love your show! Continue to thrive!


  3. Tommydeee

    Does the Webster Dictionary announce the words that they take out for every edition?Words not used since 1899?

  4. himdeel

    Hey Y’all! Just wanted to chime in on Cardi B’s comments about her music. I can dig it and it makes me like her even. more. So full disclosure, I do not seek out Cardi’s music and only truly know of it in the public zeitgeist or when I hear her voice. But what I do hear I enjoy her playfulness, swag, and sex appeal. Also, I can say that seeing her in the public eye all these years, I absolutely respect her hustle/celebrity but more so how genuine and real she is or at least portrays herself as a person. She says the shit that I can almost always affirm for myself and I can appreciate that she seems to embrace the experience of people that are different from her own. She doesn’t shit on people for not relating to her or having their own lived experiences. She don’t fuck with nobody that don’t fuck with her. And what is fly as hell is she still seems to be in touch with, all be it removed, her life before celebrity. And she keeps that same energy across the board. So while I am a person who has never bought a Cardi song or put any of her songs in my rotation. I can say with my whole entire chest, I fuck with her as a celebrity. Cardi is cool with me and her statement on music co-signs how much Id rock with her.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I had xenophobia happen to me in the past, when we came to Germany and it wasn’t great! Not racism because of my appearance but still it wasn’t good!
    There are some hurtful examples hidden in my soul, like a kid in school asking me for what we came to Germany and didn’t stay in our country, or a mother of another kid telling me “you are from Poland, but I’m not forbidding my child to play with you, even that I could” or someone telling me ” I can’t give you this summer job, you sound like from a refugee asylum and that’s bad for business!”
    It made me more emphatic for others, or I hope so at least.

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the episode. A Dracarys for the Fearless Fund! I agreed with Karen; Wights don’t understand racism because it has never happened to them. Also, a Dracarys to Mona Scott Young and the black women who continue to throw stones and hide their hands when they don’t address racism and sexism within their Love and Hip Hop Franchises!

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