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TNO 203: Animal Crossing Sex Dungeon

Rod, Karen, Jack and Shanna discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Ubisoft’s broken promises, FF 7 won’t import saves, VFX workers unionizing against Marvel, Calisto Protocol lead leaves, Amazon Prime price rising, Capcom president saying games cost too much, Sony data breach, PlayStation boss retiring, the Marvels has shortest MCU runtime, Xbox chats lead to evidence of a crime, Dan Harmon speaks Justin Roiland, KOTOR deleted from Sony social media, Last of Us Factions might be on ice, Last of Us 2 remake coming, Red Fall news, TellTale layoffs, Wii U losing online support, PlayStation movies now available for PS Plus, Bungie being sued by former HR person, live-action Cyberpunk, Twitch lay-offs, Starfield nominated for Game of Year Awards, Ubisoft execs arrested for sexual harassment, Sega’s biggest budget game ever canceled and Lego Animal Crossing crossover.



    Hey Rod & Karen.

    I wanted to talk about Best Buy ending its sales for physical media for movies. I started returning towards purchasing physical media since I got an XBOX One X, which I’ve since graduated to a Series X earlier this year with a 4K Television. I saw Walmart had a similar story but it turns out, they’re mulling discontinuing it for physical games. I get why they’re doing it, at first, I was little disappointed that they’re ending it around early 2024. For years when I stopped gaming, I was accustomed to buying it an iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, etc. I know putting a disc in nowadays is akin to using a muscle you don’t feel like using but what I love about disc based media for films, especially in 4K, is how uncompressed and uncompromised it is vs on stream. To be fair, I watch the original Exorcist on Movies Anywhere in 4K & that shit might as well have looked like a new film on my phone. Pretty much, until all retailers stop selling it, I’ll just go to other stores & online stores, like an Amazon & buy them. Another good thing about buying a Blu-ray or 4K disc? It comes with the digital code.

    Haven’t been playing anything new. I did just finish Mortal Kombat 1’s story mode & I liked it but I didn’t like it as much as MK11’s narrative. At this point, I’m just rubbing my hands for those Black Friday gaming sales like Birdman.

    Oh, I’ll review The Marvels for your Spoiled Movie Review pod but I dug The Marvels. I’ll say more later but Teyonah Parris? My Lawd. Anyway, lemme get up outta here. Take it easy.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Nerds!

    I don’t think I’ve ever wrote in to the Nerd Off never really had anything to contribute LOL.
    Rod you have been talking about the comic Someone’s Killing the Children for YEARS. Well I had a business trip to the UK so I was looking for something to read on the 10 hour flight. My local library allows me to check out virtual books and they had all the trades for Someone’s Killing the Children. So I loaded it up on my iPad. OMG SO FUCKING GOOD! I didn’t finish the whole series because I ended up falling asleep on the flight . But it is chefs kiss so far 10/10

    Lastly, have you heard of the book MCU: The reign of Marvel Studios? It just came out about 2-3 weeks ago? It’s not a slanderous book talking trash about the MCU. It’s actually very cool and interesting learning about the behind scenes decisions and how they came up with some story lines. One of the many interesting things, in End Game the line Tony says before he snaps his fingers “I am Iron Man.” Well that wasn’t part of the script. He was supposed to snap his fingers and die. Well in post editing they said the scene seemed like it was missing something so they were trying to figure something out, one of the editors was like well Thanos says his line and maybe Tony should go out the way he started and say I am Ironman. They said they had to beg RDJ to come and film that. He was like WTF you want me to get back in that emotional state again?? Also the voice in Tony’s suit, the female voice we hear after Vision left? Well she found out Tony’s character dies when she was recording her prompts. So when she had to say Vitals are critical she asked the context. They broke down and told her well Tony’s dies. They asked her to say it with sadness. She delivered the line perfectly. They asked her what was she thinking of? She said I was thinking “you guys killed Tony so now the gravy train is over.“

    Well that’s all I got! Love the show!

    • Dr_Doughstax

      What it do Nerd Off Crew,

      I hope all is well!

      Thanks again for creating a space where I don’t have to hear the children George Bush left behind say Homelander is an anti hero cuz he’s saved people on screen before but instead we can celebrate where the *other* Super Existential Crisis Brother went. In other words, Loki Season 2 was a fucking banger! Whole cast needs to take a bow; Ke Huy Quan is fucking delightful; I loved the high-level look at where the TVA goes (yes, I’m being vague since the season finale just came out); the questions asked this season and the answers given fantastic, even answers to questions *nobody* asked. Marvel’s penchant for mentioning or hinting at things and actually addressing them? I fucking love that shit! And it happened over and over again in Loki

      Another movie that was straight flames? The Marvels! Brie Larson, Teyona Parris and Iman Vellani did the goddamn thing, had fantastic chemistry in scenes together and it was really dope to actually see more of the galaxy that Carol Danvers is protecting. I laughed a lot more than I expected and had a lotta fun. Also, Teyona Parris in the Photon suit though. Thangs were thanging.

      The clickbait articles from places like Screenrant or their fake fancy cousin, Variety, have been annoying but I wish folks would just take responsibility for what they watch and stop watching something they don’t enjoy. What would undue the clickbait industrial complex?

      Keep making mine Marvel.

      I’m loving this current season of Rick and Morty. I got a decent ear for voices and I can’t tell the difference in voice actors. Y’all got any favorite moments/episodes thus far?

      Thanks as always for the dope shows and stay nerdy,


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