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2783: The Attention Economy

Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Justin of The Medium Popcorn Podcast to discuss their upcoming live show, the dissolution of Drunk Black History, what movies they’re looking forward to, the MCU, the DCEU, Doja Cat rocks white supremacist shirt, Sexyy Red supports Trump, Drake vs Joe Budden, a firefighter arsonist, naked woman boarding plane, dogfighting Pentagon official and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Speaking on Drake I have to say it’s also an extremely dumb business move and a just plain unnecessary move by him to go after these celebrity women on wax like he has been doing with this latest album (talking crazy about Rihanna and Esperanza Spalding – jazz performer who beat Drake in a past Grammy category FYI) and that 21 savage collab album (talking crazy about Meg).

    Women listeners have low -key or hell high -key been the biggest consumers and supporters of his music over the years and I feel they have been the bulk of listeners keeping his career alive , very dumb move.


  2. EvieE

    I love when Brandon and Justin are guests. They’re so funny and I love medium popcorn.

    I think Doja Cat is either suffering from mental issues or she has some huge self hate issues. She she’s half black and half Jewish, a double negative for the white supremist she seems to support. I wonder if she thinks she’ll get the same support from her fans if she starts making a different type of music. She may find she no longer has the same support from her black or white fans.
    Drake has a couple songs that I like but I don’t find most of his music memorable. I can’t say I’m a hip hop/rap expert but he seems to be a trend follower and not a trend maker and that’s probably why his music seems stagnant. He’s also a coward because he only comes for what he seems to think are easy targets, mostly women. He’s peeked and he knows it which is why Joe Budden’s criticism really got to him. He’s going out sad.

  3. mizzbarnes

    What is so sad about the DCU is that there are so many good stories from the graphic novels and it translates so well in the animated movies and some of the TV series, however, when it comes to the big screen, it just doesn’t translate well, with the exception of Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad and a few other exceptions.
    My favorite DCU story is Blackest Night, Brightest Day from the Green Lantern series, however, I would be terrified if they attempted it on the big screen. If anything, make it animated and keep it pushing.

  4. Mike Mallory

    I voted “Let them fight” because I find myself agreeing with damn near every side of the Drake debate. On the one hand, the people who don’t like his content seem so pressed to me. It’s like they’re going to McDonald’s and being mad that they can’t get a Whopper. But, at the same time, the biggest rapper in the game putting an album out SHOULD spark interest and dialogue from casuals and die-hards alike. I think Drake sees his consistent numbers and success and says to himself, “Why would I change the formula.”

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars! This episode was good. Brandon and Justin always bring the funny. Enjoyed the conversation about the Attention Economy. The world rewards harmful and trash behavior through clicks and likes.

  6. katrinapavela

    One more thing (I’m commenting as I listen)—what you said about it being shocking if Drake made songs about real, grown man shit in his life…reminds me of what Cardi said about how she doesn’t put her actual struggles in her songs because she’s self aware to know most people’s real ass plight can’t relate. So, I wonder if Drake’s immaturity is part of his (so far) successful image. For the niggas that are looking to forget about their problems/not wanting to grow up/deflecting by blaming women.

  7. katrinapavela

    Very true regarding Drake. He’s always been this way. A way I never liked, so I’ve never listened to an album of his. He’s participating even more now in the Attention Economy by bringing his soft G misogyny to one that is hard as shit. And it’s perfect fodder for the outage machine on Socials. People won’t admit it but the live for having something to react to. And he’s giving people that outright. In ways that don’t even pretend to be clever lyrics.
    His greatest sin lately is firing shots at Black women folks like and respect more than him (Megan, Esperanza, Rihanna).

  8. ApiafromGermany

    Here are my important thought on Drake:
    I know I’m a middle class big pharma manager, a white woman born in 1978 and from Europe and therefore not the exact target audience. But I like many hip hop artists. I tried to listen to Drake multiple times always with the same result. ” I don’t get it. It’s so boring.” Now I don’t even try anymore. I’m sure Drake will read this and be very sad. Sorry, its my opinion!

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