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2785: MAGAlibs

Rod and Karen banter about Ta-Nehisi Coates liking Drapetomaniax, fried dumplings, McDonald’s new sauce, Aaron Rodgers clip from the Pat McAfee show, Kayla Nicole’s open letter to Black girls, Aquaman 2 is a clusterfuck, Cornel West switches parties again, Boopac Shakur killed trying to expose pedophiles, man busted forging dead father’s signature on ballot, woman drove with husband clinging to the hood of car and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    I absolutely love the banter , please keep doing it whenever yall can ! Great episode!


  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five stars for the episode and Five for Apia with the jokes and her European brand of banter! Never change, Apia!

  3. HustleNoFlow

    Gender Wars comment was on point. And the guns came out in big ways for Will & Jada, Atlanta Oyster Date, and No Cheesecake Factory Date. It’s like folks are always going to feed the beast.

  4. PamelaM8

    Just popped over to Spotify to give Drapetomaniax 5 stars! Got his book Black AF History on Kindle hold at the library too so I can learn more. It’s a great show and I agree, I’m sure it takes a lot of work to both get in the facts and make it entertaining! I’m new to learning about Black history and sometimes, for me, the subject matter can be heavy; the 1619 Project was excellent but sometimes it took my breath away (like in the stressful way) and I’d have to switch over to lighter fare before I could switch back over. You’re doing good work out there and you and the rest of the team are to be commended!


  5. ApiafromGermany

    The other good one Puff daddy when this was his name.
    Puff means brothel.

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    I, for one, love your Bantering.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    Jason Mamoa dresses the same way Johny Depp does always.
    What never stops being funny for me, Depp means moron in German. Maybe even worse. More like ” the village idiot”
    So when you say “Depp fans” it’s always amusing for your German ( ish) friend Apia!

    • brooklynshoebabe

      You just made my day, Apia lol

  8. Justin

    I don’t know how other people feel, but I like the banter. One of the reason I like talk radio and podcast is that sometimes the host and the audience definitely, have no idea where the conservative is going.

    I say keep the banter up.

  9. EvieE

    Congratulations on the good job you’re doing on Draptomaniax Rod. Here’s to all your future accolades.

    People will probably say it was playful banter between Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kielce but Aaron Rodgers was clearly bothered by Travis’s response. He pretended to laugh it off but it always seems like the go to response for these q Anon cucks is to say let’s debate. If it’s just playful banter what’s the need for debate? Aaron Rodgers is an asshole.

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