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SMR 470: The Harder They Fall

Rod solo reviews the stylistic Black western, “The Harder They Fall.”



    Hadn’t seen this in two years & this is before Jonathan Majors committed career idiocy. Shit was a bop. The direction, acting, shootouts, vibes, casting (even Majors), it all hit. Shit came out the same year as Power of the Dog & it’s everything that film is, imo, but better. More engaging. Can’t wait for director Jeymes Samuel’s next film. Wonderful debut.

  2. RoninRaphael

    For some reason I thought I had heard you and Karen talking about this movie somewhere. Could it be a variant(s)

    Man you nailed it on the likes of this movie. Fascinating that this was Jaymes Samuel (Seal the musicians brother) first movie. I’m excited to see his next one.

    My only gripe was that C’mon bro, ain’t no way even in the make believe cowboys country did my German Beau beat my one true King. Fix it Jaymes!

    I was still sad when they killed my man Idris, but I took it as settling the scores since Killmonger died in BP. The African died in They Harder They Fall, we even now. Next scamming evil Black villain has to come from Asia, that would be the end of diaspora wars.

    I love this movie and your reviews?

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