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PG 384: Old Guy

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s job, workplace discrimination, new shoes, Karen’s training at work, going to Hornets games again, Spotify money acting up, Ice Cold Murder, Get Gotti, Ezra Klein Podcast, Hasan Minhan, listener feedback and news.

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  1. rodimusprime

    G’Day everyone

    I’m a couple eps behind, but Justin wondered if you can get kangaroo meat down here.

    You can. They sell it in supermarkets & it’s also in pet food cause those staunch fuckers are everywhere in the bush.

    But if you come down here, I’ll take ya to the Laos place to get some marinated ox tongue, dried beef, satay sticks & some sticky rice or to the Chinese bbq place that has the meat hanging the shop window. They have great duck & char siu (the bbq pork with the red edges).

    Have a good 1

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