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BDS 494: Tut Tarantino

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Chris Olave speeding arrest, NBA All Star returning to East vs West, Michigan State puts Hitler on scoreboard, Danny Serafini arrested, Michael Irvin’s rapping son, Dwight Howard pulls a Kevin Spacey, Kayla Nicole flies away, Che Flores, Miles Bridges warrant explained, Austin and Doc Rivers will broadcast a game together, Tristan Thompson child support drama, Taylor Swift, Mikayla Cowling attacked in bathroom, ESPN employees vs Pat McAfee, Brady Quinn gets spicy on the bird, IG model got pink eye from ass eating, OJ Simpson, Justyn Ross arrested, Amazon wants NBA night, LiAngelo Ball pick with baby mama, Lebron load management, Jackson Mahomes drug tests, Barkley brings up domestic violence to Adam Silver, Tom Brady back with Gisele rumor and college fan kicked out of game for costume.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jabo Sweeney,

    I hope all is well.

    Four games into the NBA season and the Kyle Kuzma going off the backboard down 20? You can take an unserious nigga off any team but you can’t take the unseriousness out of the Washington Wizards. I still think it’s fucked up that Donkey punched out Jordan Poole and Poole got traded away. Speaking of niggas living on Steph’s coattails, I screamed earlier this week when NicJu said that God hates Chris Paul lmao. I know every time Steph does something even mildly athletic, Chris Balls gotta be thinking, “I never liked you anyway, pretty motherfucker!”

    Y’all heard someone called into Dabo Luther King’s radio show and asked the valid question of why they’re paying him $11 million a year and got 4 losses? And Dabo’s rabbit ears were at attention cuz he’s real sensitive about how much he gets paid? This is the best kind of mess cuz both sides are making some good points. On one hand, all of Clemson’s roster issues are Dabo’s direct fault: the lack of player development, questionable/bad assistant coach hires and a roster of scrappy white receivers that can’t get separation but all have football scholarships.

    And while I hate to admit it…Dabo wasn’t telling any lies when he said Clemson fans were ungrateful for all the winning he’s done! As a state, South Carolina is a super poor in terms of football resources and Clemson has no natural reason to actually be good at football, so Dabo winning 2 titles there ain’t nothing short of a miracle. Dabo was talking like he’s heard all this shit before but not from someone who could clap back at.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!




    Good day Rod, Karen and Jas Jegas Raiders.

    1)Most ppl woke up Wednesday to the raiders coach, Josh Mcdaniels getting fired! I caught it live cuz I was up at 1am, but I think Eve. Josh woke up to finding out he got fired! When I saw Devante Adams with his one reception ass slam that helmet on the sideline, I knew it was over! Antonio Pierce, former giant linebacker, is now the interim. Jimmy G, the quarterback, has been sent to the bench! Word of on the street is they calling him Jimmy B, now.

    But over the past few weeks I’ve been noticing a trend of rookie qbs starting. For some, like Will levis (titans) it has worked out well so far (4tds last Sunday)
    And for others not so much. How do you guys feel about these teams throwing. These inexperienced rookies into a game to start, I mean by decision, not because of injury. In earlier times a rookie qb would sit behind the current and learn! But now, fresh out the gate, this guys are starting.

    2. as if losing on the field was enough for Deion sanders team, their locker room got robbed during the ucla game last week. Aka shaduer got robbed.

    3. Who thought it was a good idea for flavor flav to sing the national anthem in Milwaukee? This definitely was a “un-uh get somebody else to do it” moment. End result was Milwaukee losing to the hawks by 20 something points, and new comer dame dolla had 6 points on a poor shooting night, after scoring 39 the last game.

    4. Lastly, I’ve been loving the new gender wars segment you guys do. And this Joe smith story just took a turn. Joe smith has now left the house he shares with his wife. She was on tmz in tears recently talking about it.

    You guys rock

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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