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2796: Equicrack

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m invested in Apia’s journey to make black friends.

    • ApiafromGermany

      There is a fresh update!

  2. PamelaM8

    I’m leaving this here because it’s the feedback show and I just wanted to offer feedback on the other show that you worked on, Drapetomaniax! I’m listening to the episode Making Black AF History featuring your hype man persona! Ha ha ha ha! Five minutes in and I can’t stop laughing at your portrayal. Lotsa fun, especially since I’m guessing that’s not how you would really be acting at a wrap party! Can’t wait for the final episode.


  3. Sean

    About the Halloween poll,

    I used to help manage a trick-or-treat / Halloween party for a Fukushima refugee NPO every year, unfortunately the group put the events on hold in 2020 and doesn’t appear to exist anymore. So now, I’m just doing a pumpkin carving cultural event for my university.

    So, even though I’m in a country that doesn’t really have trick-or-treat, I still do my part.

  4. J-Full

    Apia has beat this black friends horse to death. Do they have PETA in Germany?!?

    • ApiafromGermany

      That’s how always win in the end.

  5. J-Full

    I’ve had the same housekeeper for the past 6 years. When I moved to my new apartment she hit me up one day and asked if she could work for me under the table. I found out that her agency was only paying her $20/hr despite charging me $80/hr. Now I pay her $50/hr plus a $10/hr tip and she gets 100% of the money. A win for the both of us. I’m amazed that she can clean my whole crib in 2hrs. It takes me a whole weekend if I do it myself. She really comes in handy when my depression is really bad and I can barely take care of myself let alone clean my apartment. I’ll tip extra on those occasions but she usually gives me the extra money back.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I suspected my humor might be my best bet when trying to get black friends.
    Trying to get black friends sounds pretty creepy, like trying to trap them somehow but I hope you know, I mean it in a nice way!

    You might also think that my humor is wasted in my job as a key account manager in big Pharma but it’s somehow not, even that I operate in Germany, not exactly the capital of fun.
    I love it when a serious scientist or business person can’t help themself and must laugh at my joke.

    I can make most people here laugh. By choice! So I have definitely this going for me.
    In the US people are at first not sure if I’m joking or not, when I was at the KATG live shows, people were not sure if I have a dry delivery or if I’m a really strange person.
    This is what living in Germany forms you into.

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