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2797: Brief Republican Moment

Rod and Karen are joined by the co-host of the “What the Tea?” podcast, Nicole to banter about the NBA’s return, Aldi’s, grocery shopping for single people, going to Hornets games, Matthew Perry’s passing, midnight train ticket prices, brief republican moments and getting too high at the Hornets game. They also discuss Mike Pence’s campaign ending, Biden admin want to convert vacant offices into affordable housing, Blac Chyna brings up Tyga dating Kylie when she was only 16, Cari B going through things, Gender Wars: Tyrese’s ex-wife may regret divorce, Shannon Sharpe dating hot takes, woman harasses neighbor over being told to turn her music down, man caught in the act with stuffed animal, girl scout troop treasurer stealing and sword ratchetness.

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  1. JLCauvin

    Thank you for sharing Stephen A Smith’s golden bachelor commentary. If his agent knows what they’re doing they should realize him analyzing reality shows could be a big additional content/revenue stream for him.

  2. EvieE

    I gave Friends an honest chance but it wasn’t for me. That’s not to say I don’t like white shows, Ive enjoyed plenty of them, I just couldn’t get into Friends but I recognize the cultural significance that show had on our society. It’s a shame about Matthew Perry because he was so young.

    Fuck Mike Pence forever. Glad he dropped out and can’t wait for those other losers to drop out and for Trump to go to jail.

  3. PamelaM8

    Yes to relatable banter! Go ‘head, Aldi’s! That’s where I go for affordable meats and seafoods, copycat Olive Garden Italian dressing, produce and seasonable European cookies and baked goods!

    Yes to single people/no children shopping quantities! I’m single and have an adult child living with me that eats nothing that I eat. I like the food that I cook, so right now it’s coney dogs and if I’m going to eat them over the course of a week, then that’s what it is until it’s on to the next thing! I’ve got celery spoiling in my crisper right now because I made some soup and don’t need the whole package. And praise be to the single onion! Kroger used to sell a three pack with yellow, white and red, but they don’t carry them here anymore. Yellow onions are that girl!

    Enjoy your week!


  4. Mwangangi

    Speaking of fucking up in church and your parents saying, “ok, I’ma remember this and you gon get it when you get home.” We used to have the slim hope of them forgetting. Nowadays, could you imagine the heartbreak when you see yo moms asking Siri to set a reminder to get in yo ass later?

  5. Mwangangi

    I didn’t really watch Friends but I also really didn’t watch TV because I was already downloading stuff by then [T3 line and IRC / Usenet] so I was busy trying to watch [and fansub] every anime ever, while rewatching and archiving every movie/TV show/cartoon I ever liked, *while* trying to find and download every song/album I liked from the past and present…

    …in addition, since I was born in 1974 this ran during my prime outside years so there was no way I was in the house for this show. I vaguely remember Living Single and NY Undercover — and that’s purely due to some Unity House dorm common room group activity type shit.

  6. Mwangangi

    I was about to say, what about *paid* banter! Karen come through with the strong “folding chair”!

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I still can eat very spicy food and I like that fact a lot.
    When I’m in a Thai restaurant, I get some respect when I order a really hot dish and the lady asks me „regular hot or Thai hot?“ and I choose Thai hot.
    It sometimes happens that I’m been watched if I really can do it or if I start to cry and afterwards they say to me in a respectful tone: “ you can really eat Thai hot! VERY GOOD! ( probably thinking, I didn’t expect it from you white lady from a unspecific country, I expected you to faint)
    What can I say, I’m a spicy lady sometimes. Unfortunately in my family they all too weak. I must eat very spicy food not at home.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    I have the republican moments when I see teenagers wearing crop tops when it’s cold outside.
    Children, protect your organs! I want to yell at them. I try to remember how being cool was also more important to me than anything else at that age.
    Organs, who needs them. I need some recognition right now!

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