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SMR 473: No Hard Feelings

Rod does a solo review of the raunchy Jennifer Lawrence comedy, “No Hard Feelings.”



    Honestly, if this film didn’t feature Jennifer Lawrence belly-to-back suplexing those dudes like she were Rhonda Rousey or Kurt Angle & a couple of gags like her getting maced by Andrew Barth Feldman, who was otherwise very good, No Hard Feelings is nothing more than a film with an uncomfortable plot device, involving a woman using a shy barely legal young man, into maintaining her home & getting a new car. Probably liked it more than I such have, since the cupboard on “raunchy comedies” has been more bare than the integrity of the AMPTP. Some of the more leisurely components involving the ancillary characters that aren’t Lawrence, Feldman, Matthew Broderick & Laura Benanti didn’t really work & I usually dig people like Natalie Morales but she was just window dressing here. Saw this back during the summer. Quite enjoyed it.

    Also, Rod, regarding Netflix getting movies like No Hard Feelings, Across The Spider-Verse & Bullet Train, Sony ,last year, agreed to some multi-year deal with Netflix to put their films on the service, instead of making some overpriced, shitty app, no one wants to use. For once, Sony did a smart thing, as the streaming dominoes are collapsing. They’ll probably have No Way Home on there under one of those Pay 1 windows once their exclusive deal with Starz ends, which I’m sure will be soon; usually around the time where films realized in ’21 are on Basic Cable like, say FX, which is no stranger to airing Spider-Men particular film content. Homecoming & Far From Home are already on Disney+. No Way Home, I guess, once their Netflix deal concludes will be on Disney+ at some point. Hope that helped.

  2. RoninRaphael

    This was just a good evening watch and respect to Jennifer Lawrence (for some reason I completely forgot her name, can’t be the boobs it ain’t Selma…) yes, she was committed and I applaud it. Honestly didn’t feel any kind of way at the end. Just felt good to take a break from my regular watching stuff and deal with white problems or as Bernie says middle America. You covered it all!

    Now Rod if you had a dog what would it be addicted to? Cocaine dog got me thinking, we got Cocaine bear and dog in 2023, never seen a cat on coke. If we do, that’s a sign it’s over!

  3. mcalzada75

    Totally agree with your comments on the challenges of democrats versus republicans. As a lifelong Democrat, it can be incredibly frustrating. A truism that I learned when I first started volunteering many years ago, I think, has only become more obvious over time and explains exactly why we will never beat them at their own game. We have to play a different game altogether.
    Democrats fall in love.
    Republicans fall in line.
    Love the show

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