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2799: Stroll and Stroke

Rod and Karen banter about joints popping, silk hairbands, a new steam mop, new iPhone, early voting and Mariah Carey season. They also discuss actress blames studio and production company for not supporting her through psychotic breaks, police warn about edibles on Halloween, White People News, banana man arrested, Target pervert arrested, man wants horse threesome and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sean

    Congrats on your new phone. While I don’t use fringe-fruit tech myself, the company has gotten a lot better with Cook’s shift from Cult-ency to Competency… Glad you enjoyed the experience and you never have to justify your decisions on tech devices.

  2. JLCauvin

    Me and Cookie caught a “beastiality stray”??? Sir!

    • Sean

      I mean, it is a step up from your pining over Lauren Boebert…

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I just met a new black person! And this might actually lead to something. She was new in my yoga class.
    1. She laughed at my joke when the door was still closed and I arrived in short yoga pants everyone looked at me, because it’s cold. I said, I’m from eastern Europe, this is summer for me! Ah, me! Ha, ha!

    2. She is pretty tall, like me

    3. And here it comes: I learned that she has the same first name as me. That’s very unusual because she looks about 30, and my given first name is Dorothea. And in my opinion my name is old/white.
    After the class I went over to her and said: I’m so glad to meet someone with my name who is under 80, this never happens!
    She said same here and that she was delighted by it and that she is new in the class. I noticed my charme worked. Yes! I said, bye, see you soon! And now I hope she stays motivated and keeps coming to the class.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Sorry for beating this dead horse even more, now it’s delicious sausage soon.

  4. veroyque

    Came here (like others commenting) just to say you all were on it during “white people news” this episode. I laughed at this bit from Rod, and had to commemorate in written form how you described Timberlake when elaborating on his “white man pass.” He is just a “basic, off the rack white dude. He happen to have curly hair, and motherf*****s thought he was different, and he not. He turned out to be like most of them: a bit disappointing.” The curly hair line… too good.

    Another laugh when Karen forgot what segment it was until clothing was described in elaborate detail: “this turned into white people news.”

  5. EvieE

    We don’t have early voting in my state but I plan on doing my part come next Tuesday. I’m going to walk to my polling site because it’s down the street. I get to exercise my rights and my body, a double win.

  6. SlickNSlaycious

    Yea I think the shondaland and workplace in yo personal life issue could be better handled by just asking if everything is ok (only once) to let them know your willing to help, but don’t if you ain’t. That way they know you care the appropriate amount and not getting all in your personal private life, cause you should pay some attention to how your employees are behaving at work.

    Other than that, if the work suffering then keep the focus on the work (no mission creep), cause even if it is a personal reason causing the work to suffer that’s on them to fix the personal issue or find a work around.

    But yeah, it sounded like she should have spoken to her union or guild rep.

    Thanks for the great show!

  7. Mary

    Re voting. LA had a huge scandal here last year when three city councilmembers were caught on tape using racist language. One of them was Nury Martinez, our district’s rep and the president of the council. Tons of people protested the meetings which, great, that pressure led to Nury resigning. But then this past spring we had an election to replace Nury – kind of a big deal, so we get the right person in there, don’t you think? 7.67% of eligible voters voted in the special election. 7.67% WTF! This position directly affects our everyday lives as Angelenos, and 93% of us couldn’t be bothered. Infuriating!

  8. trey_swindu744

    Rod this line you spoke in this episode about Britney was a bar , man I screamed with joy after you said it hahahaha!

    “ “Nothing that you have done since then, has proven we should have had a baby together.”

    All facts , All facts lol

    Peace ,

    • ApiafromGermany

      I also thought Rod found the right words.

  9. ApiafromGermany

    I agree about Justin. I think people judge him to harshly. He is the same age as Britney and was 19 when she got pregnant. He was also a child star and a cash cow for many and had his own challenges for sure. It’s normal that he felt too young at that age to be a father and expressed that and it was probably a smart decision to do so. In the end it was her decision to have the abortion.

    And there are so many way way worse white musicians. Why do people concentrate on him so much? And I say that without ever being a fan of his.

  10. Sweetfeet

    Yall sent me down a bit of a nostalgia rabbit hole with Peanut Butter Jelly Time DJ Chipman and Buckwheat Boyz made that “Peanut Butter Jelly” song, and also had “Ice Cream & Cake” Here is the youtube link to ice cream & cake -https://youtu.be/NC_gkcplz_4?si=jJ3s_q0LfttYOHsV

    DJ Chipman also had other very popular Miami Bass songs of the mid to late 2000s, like Beam Ahh and Frunt Back. I was in school in Miami around that time, getting my life tryna do the Wutang wit it and jukin. Good times

  11. shinobimasta

    Man of the Woods is almost wholly produced by Timbaland and/or The Neptunes.

    “Its strange to me too”

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