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PG 385: The Black Man Grilling Gene

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss grilling, Brandon Miller, Drapetomaniax episode starring Rod as himself, Life on Our Planet, On The Media podcast, Palestine, listener feedback and some reality TV news.

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    What’s the good word
    Rod, justin and karen

    I’m posting this on the finna-net to say, Karen I gotta give you your flowers, you did the damn thing in that ida b episode!! How lucky are we to get back to back episodes starring our tbgwt faves!!!! “Y’all definitely tore the train up! “ Rod used to say ida “bae” wells, it’s now ida “beef” wells thanks to Karen.Rod, I was so proud to hear you running things With that wrap party! I hit you up and told you 8 mins in it was fire, but after listening completely, I think imma relisten.

    Allow me to banter for a few, can we talk about names and as time goes on we hear less and less of these names? When you hear the Edna’s Betty’s Mildred’s of the world, we know those are names of present day grandmas who were, at this stage probably born in like the 20s-50s.

    Then there’s the names of our generation that’s are starting to become extinct. Don’t believe me? Look at the names of these rookies and young athletes, Coming into sports now a days. How many David’s and John’s. And marks and Michael’s do we have that are even under 25. And famous? Look at Deion sanders kids names! Matter fact, if you met a child today, what’s the odds he has a name that one of your child hood friends had?
    One day the rod’s and Justin’s. Will be the new old people names. Lol

    And my final rant, can we talk about this daylight savings time? This pointless change every November for four months where it gets dark after lunch time. I believe a bill got passed in Congress to eliminate the whole thing. And then the bill got lost in the matrix! I was a bit disappointed but I’m hoping they can put into law next go round! Arizona is the only state that don’t partake in changing of clocks! We need to be like Arizona come 2024!

    That is all

    Have a good weekend
    I appreciate y’all

    Fyahworks out!

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