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BDS 495: I Love That For You

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Colorado players have jewerly stolen, Dabo Swinney goes off on radio caller, Joe Smith’s wife has a secret OnlyFans, James Harden to the Clippers, Lakers lift Lebron’s minutes restriction, Cam Newton has a new baby on the way, DOJ investigating NBA over the Big Three, Chris Broussard says the r-word on live TV, Marcus Jordan wants MJ as his best man, Taylor Swift / Kelce news, Taylor Rooks Halloween costume, Aaron Rodgers feed cut on ESPN, NY radio host hangs up on Giants legend, Nets cheerleader claims she slept with players, Kayla Nicole at the Lakers game, D Wade divorce rumor and woman finds out she’s been the side chick the whole time.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jraymond Green,
    I’m writing to discuss the NBA In-Season tournament among other things. It seems like everywhere I turn people are complaining about the tournament and talking about not understanding it. But nobody’s making any effort to try and understand it. Personally, I think it’s a cool idea, and in-season tournaments are a very common thing in soccer, the most popular sport in the world. The basic idea is that only one team gets to win the championship each year but it gives other teams a chance to compete for a meaningful trophy. Some in-season tournaments are more prestigious than the league championship trophy, for example the Champions League trophy in Europe. In that tournament, teams are competing to be the best team in all of Europe and not just their home country. Also, in soccer, the tournaments don’t count toward team’s regular season records. That would never fly in the NBA because the NBAPA would never allow extra games for the same pay. But since every team in the NBA plays each other, it makes sense to just wrap it into the regular season schedule. Group play is simple, the teams in each group play each other once and the top 2 teams from each group will advance to the knockout round. Plus two wildcard teams that have the best record of those teams that didn’t win their respective group. From there, it’s a simple single-elimination tournament.

    My issue with the in-season tourney is that the branding is wack. The name is just too gotdamn long! They need to call it the “Commissioner’s Cup”. The alliteration rolls off the tongue a lot smoother and since they’re already copying soccer, they might as well call the tourney a cup too. I like the new courts and I hope they design a different court style every season. I think it’ll take about 2-3 seasons to catch on but since niggas gotta play games in November/December anyway, you might as well make it more interesting. Lastly, I think they should increase the prize to $1M per player instead of $500K. It sounds sexier and the NBA can afford it.

    Speaking of a million dollars, Donkey from the Warriors is gonna lose almost a million dollars from his 5-game suspension because he thought it was the UFC and not the NBA. That fight was so funny. It was on some hockey shit, where they scrap as soon as the puck is dropped for the first time. I don’t even know how you can get so mad in a basketball game where a point hasn’t even been scored yet. But yea, Draymond’s chokehold had extra malice in it. He was tryna put the Frenchie to sleep! I still don’t quite understand why Draymond hates Rudy so much. It can’t possibly be over Rudy crying about that All Star Game snub all those years ago, right? Anyway, my agenda this year is a Warriors implosion, that I’m gonna blame on Chris Paul, no matter what happens. I’m enjoying the chaos.

    Lastly, I been watching the Spurs on League Pass, and them other niggas that are not named Vic, need to get it together. They’ll go 5-6 possessions where they don’t even pass him the ball. I know he’s a rookie, but he better than yall niggas! Give up the rock! If the Spurs are gonna lose by 30 anyway, I’d rather see him put up 25 shots.

    One more thing, this Formula One race in Vegas this weekend is gonna be a shit show. F1 has gotten so greedy that they’ve basically made the strip unbearable for anybody in Vegas who’s not attending the race. They made hotels and restaurants put these fake frosted glass stickers on all the windows and bridges so that people can’t see any of the track action for free. Also, it’s gonna be cold AF so there’s probably gonna be a lot of chaos on the track.

    Alright enough rambling, peace.

    Jeremy Fuller

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jleveland Blacks,

    This week gave us 2 great examples of rich white men showing us how smart they *really* are…not. They’re not smart, they’re thundering dumbasses who’ve never had to learn a damn thing.

    First, we got Jimmy and Dee Haslam of the Cleveland Browns fully guaranteeing Deshaun Watson 85% of their salary cap to an injury prone QB whose just play action Bill Cosby and the Houston Texans all their first round picks for the next 3 years. As I watch my anti-Watson and Browns agenda unfold, I wonder if this is how Thanos felt looking through that portal and being *right*. Joshua Dobbs would’ve been a good option but the Browns traded at the start of the season. And what’s Watson gonna do other than cash their salary cap every 1st and 15th? Come back and play *better*? This whole shit show couldn’t have happened to worse owners and that’s saying something.

    It’s especially wild that the Houston Texans not only enabled Watson’s reign of terror but also traded him away and have plenty of upside but they also got the Haslam dumbasses to overpay the nasty man for all his highlights in Houston. Fools and their money smdh.

    And then in college football, shouts out to bag securing legend Jimbo Fisher for parlaying Jameis Winston’s success at Florida to get a buyout that is actually worth more money than James’ entire NFL career earnings. It would not be possible without the cartoonishly dense and absurdly rich Texas A&M boosters. They ain’t about to learn a goddamn thing from this and are probably gonna throw *even more* money at the next coach just fire him down the line, too.

    Have a great evening and weekend y’all; thanks for the dope shows and for taking time off,




    Hey Rod, Karen JeShawn Watson.

    Sure wonder if the Browns got $230M regrets of giving this nasty, limited man the money. I’ll give him credit for being able to tough it out and come back against the Ravens for his best half & maybe game for his squad since his Texans days. Browns have a world beater of a defense, only to be anchored by this sorry sack of shit on offense & it’s going to get much worse. Karma found a way to take care of this man. I’m actually glad, because then I’ll be on here talking about Josh Allen & his turnovers but that’s not fun, at the moment, despite the shit I give him. Bum ass Deshawn out for the year and this could sink a coach and a team.

    Also, Clippers, in the immortal words of Michael Jeffrey Jordan: “Stop it. Get some help”. Peace.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hello to the best team in Sports Podcasting (Rod, Justin and Karen),

    One of the best sports sagas is Tristan Thompson’s journey to having a special award named after him in the Fuck Boy Hall of Fame. I saw this Buzzfeed article (link at the bottom) about his conversations with the Kardashian-Jenners on a recent episode of their show. Full disclosure, I have never, and will never watch an episode of their show, but goddammit do they have some of the worst people in sports and entertainment in their orbit!

    The author of the article seems shocked that Tristan is a master manipulator. I’m sorry, if you can lie to someone who has their entire life filmed for profit with the full knowledge that EVERYONE is going to see your lies and KNOW that they’re very easily disprovable lies, you’re an INCREDIBLE manipulator. Classic narcissist shit.

    I love the show as always.




    Hello Rod, Karen, and Justin Poole

    Well miss a week miss a lot! As of me typing this, the wizards just lost another game. And stand a 2-9, by far one of the worse records in the league so far. The dynamic duo of kuz and Poole ain’t getting it done and I know why. They been catch ya boy Jordan watching porn in the locker room. Porn hub Poole is what they call him!

    Uh, rod won’t you do the honors of hitting that Ray Lewis for me please……

    First we had Chris Olave of the Saints who got arrested, few weeks back for speeding and reckless driving. His teammate decided, I’ll have what he’s having and got arrested too. That’s right Michael Thomas was arrested on misdemeanor charges of simple battery and criminal mischief! Apparently Thomas got into an altercation with a contractor, pushed him and threw 2 bricks at his truck, better than Derek Carr throws the football to him. Cars were being parking in front of his property, due to some work going on at another property and the contractor says Mike threatened to him with a brick or a bullet! I’m glad to see he chose bricks.

    In other arrest news, zay jones of the jaguars, ALSO got arrested but for domestic battery. Him and his kids mom were arguing over her taking their son back to Orlando. Zay ain’t like that shit and when all was said and done there were scratch marks on her neck.

    That’s all for now! Enjoy y’all weekend


  6. RoninRaphael

    Salutations to the great sports trio out there, after our local elections went mostly well despite fears of low turnout and GOP picking up more seats (they defeat an incumbent in East Bronx for the first time in 50 years dunno if that means anything for someone in Congress) but that’s not why I’m here. I went to celebrate with other veterans as the Nets welcomed us to watch the return of James Harden and boy did the whole Barclay’s Center boo his ass, I was worried at first in the first quarter cause he seemed to be feeding on the boos, but in the 4th he lost the ball 3x in a row and I joined in, then he missed a shot and Nets lead extended to 10 pts. Meanwhile Ben Simmons was nicely dressed on the bench cheering on. Exciting night of drama, listened to Drapetomaniax on my way to the arena so was pumped up already thanks to the award winning cameo by Karen too. Harden looked like he was on the washed agenda by the end of the game, why they ain’t take him out? Hahaha


    Rod, Karen, and Jlay Travis.

    Stumbled upon this on the tiky tok!
    Clay Travis said out his misogynistic mouth that he would put up 1million of his own money for the back to back wnba champion Las Vegas aces! To play Vs a high school boys team of his choosing, and damn near guarantees the boys will smoke these professional women. He goes on to say that the million dollars he will give them, if they win, ( I say when they win) is more than they have seen all season. Which leads me to believe the context of this conversation was about the low pay these women receive and how he doesn’t find a problem with it! Well clay you are the problem!

    Rod, here is the tik tok clip ( hope it works)


    Also shout out and prayers up for cj McCollum who suffered a collapsed lung recently! Wishing him a speedy recovery. I immediately thought of Chris Bosh for some reason and bronny! Some of these players take shit for granted at times, sometimes things like this are a wake up call.

    Lastly, y’all remember martavius Bryant? Played for the Steelers couple years back? Well Jerry jones done pick that man off the side off the road and put the blue star on his helmet! He hasn’t been in the league since 2018! Due to substance abuse issues! He might be a poster boy for that Ray Lewis drop! lol! Not sure how this helps Dallas….. but ok!

    Y’all have a good one,

    Fyahworks out!

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