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2802: Keke Palmer

Rod and Karen banter about a one-star review, Halloween candy follow-up, spider beef, toilet covers, Thanksgiving roll and clean versions of dirty music. Then they discuss Keke Palmer alleging abuse from her ex, Tisha Campbell exposes her dad’s old porn, Jill Stein running for president again, Democrats win big on election night, Trump plans to round up undocumented immigrants if he wins and GOP will back him even if he’s convicted, Moms For Liberty candidates lose, teen arrested for punching random people for clout, woman smears dog feces in neighbor’s face, man fakes heart attacks to get out of paying for food and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mary

    My husband had to clear out his uncle’s room when he passed suddenly of a heart attack. We had all been close and spent all our holidays together. His uncle was a burly Irishman who had been in the army, had a long career at the post office, and was a lifelong bachelor. He was a pretty awkward, but very kind. Anyway, when my husband cleared out his room, he found not only porn, but gay porn. He also found love letters to a man. We had no idea he was gay, and it actually left me quite sad that he was never able to be free to be himself in his lifetime.

  2. EvieE

    Last week’s election proved that voting still matters. There were a lot of big wins for Democrats. I made sure to vote and our state elected another democratic judge to our state Supreme Court to protect abortion rights and on a local level the democrats swept my district for school board. These victories made me realize that all the doom and gloom so called progressives on social media who constantly shit on democrats but never have anything to say about republicans are attention seeking virtue signalers and perpetually online. I don’t care if Joe Biden was 147 years old. I’d still vote for him over trump.

  3. EvieE

    The more that comes out about the Keke Palmer news the more I believe that nigga did that shit. He’s not doing himself any favors by releasing audio of her mother because if someone was putting hands on my daughter I would threaten violence as well, minus the homophobia. And it seems like there’s a history of domestic violence in that family because his mom has a restraining order against his father. His brother seems to be garbage too. I hope the baby won’t remember any of this and want be affected by his toxic father.

  4. Keith

    My grandma on my mom’s side died when I was a teenager so a few weeks later when my mom was up to it she and her siblings went to my grandma’s house to clean out her room. When my mom came home she was grinning and giggling, she of course took her mom’s death pretty hard so her demeanor and this was a welcome change in her mood, so I asked her what was funny. She couldn’t stop giggling and she made me promise not to tell anybody (yeah I guess I’m doing that now but none of you knew my grandma so it doesn’t count) then she told me she found something funny in grandma’s room and showed me a lighter that was shaped like a dick. My mom was so tickled because my grandma was a super holy church lady and none of us knew that she had that kind of a sense of humor.

    I know my parents both have some porn but I’m not gonna do them like that when the time comes, I am just gonna delete their browser history and nobody will ever need to know.

  5. TanishaG

    Damn, I pity the fool who posted that petty one star review.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    People who post 1 star reviews because they don’t like one segment, maybe find the fast forward button on your phone first. It’s less work than the review. And you don’t need to listen to a segment you don’t like. Life hack!

    I love about everything about the show, but I don’t care about sports. But this is not a problem at all! Other people enjoy it, and if I love 99% of the show, that’s fantastic!

    I know as a white person im under the suspicion to be dirty, I know stuff and go with the times and I even wash my legs everyday. I wash everything every day, from my hair ( I know the uncomplicated hair privilege I’m sorry that’s what grows on my head for free) to my feet.

    But I don’t mind public toilets unless it’s a real shit show ( hi, hi)
    I sit down. Your skin have you covered. The barrier in it is a build in shield against bacteria and other disgusting visitors. I trust it. It never disappointed me.

  7. Justin

    Rod is always getting on Karen for not allowing him to finish his joke. Oh how the turn tables have turned on this epsidoe with Karen’s “toilet humor”.

  8. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars and Welcome back! Rod and Karen, Thank you both for continuing to inform the public about issues that matter most. My heart goes out to Keke and all the people with children who suffer in silence because they are victims of domestic abuse.
    Tisha Campbell, please do not ever change.

  9. Mike Mallory

    Per the poll: I wouldn’t do it but I totally understand. When I lost my mom, anything that made me laugh was a needed distraction from the grief. To some extent, I think we all “over share” online

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