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BDS 496: Grand Daddy Issues

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Zion Williamson, Tristan Thompson, Draymond Green suspended again, Zay Jones DV arrest, Von Wafer’s weird story about Dwight Howard, LaMelo sued by ex-family friend, Mav’s analyst fries Harden, Giannis wants the team to play better defense, Kryie donating to Flint, Patrick Mahomes’ dirty draws, Mark Jackson fired from MSG job, Travis Kelce and Brittany Mahomes old tweets, Kelly Oubre accused of making up hit and run, Paul Pierce sued for not making car payments, ESPN bans analysts betting on leagues they cover, OF star kicked out of game for flashing crowd, OJ Simpson bragging on dating young women, Miss Nasty B, Charissa Thompson confesses to making up sideline reports and Kayla Nicole had to stunt on them.


  1. SuavyP

    I know this show ain’t about sports but did yall see the ending to the Iron Bowl where Alabama pulled off an improbable 4th and Goal from the 31 yard line and scored a TD to seal their win against Auburn in the Iron Bowl??! Ohh MY GAWD (cue the black chick sound bite)… I tell ya ain’t nothing better than seeing the sweet nectar of white women tears in the stands as their precious Auburn Tigers snatched somehow found a way to snatch defeat away from the jaws of Victory! Ironically on the 10th Anniversary of the “Kick Six” game where they beat bama on a walk off Field goal return for a touchdown with 1 second left in the game. Now the folks are calling Bama’s win “The Disaster in the Pasture”! Ahhh ain’t life grand?


    What’s good Rod, Karen & Jez Bryant

    This insufferable idiotic asshole strikes again like a bad B-movie villain. My mother never told me, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all” & I’m glad she didn’t, so I can go on a mini tirade about this dunce.

    I’m just getting hip to the news about Josh Giddey story & seeing Malika Andrews in the same story, courtesy of Deadspin & it’s the same asshole brothas & bots motherfucking her for doing her job like her white women colleagues & dare I say his name, Stephen A Smith. They never hold them to this goddamn standard. The dislike is just some Hotepish manufactured bullshit because she’s apparently with someone at ESPN? And? Is basically what I say to that. This woman could win a Pulitzer prize for a breaking story involving a white man & niggas would move the goalposts, just because they don’t like her for some made up, perverted agenda. It’s just fucking stupid. Keep doing your thing, Malika. You’re great at your job. Peace, y’all.

  3. Romey_Rome

    Shout out to Rod, Karen and Javerick Carter. What is LeBron’s man doing using an illegal bookie to bet the NBA. At least we got some good LeBron universe news with Bronny being cleared to practice.

    Lastly, how do yall feel about the point differential in the in-season tournament? Seems some players are not happy with teams running up the score in attempts to try to make the next round. I like if cause it adds some spice to November/December games when most people don’t pay attention.

    Thank yall for the show and keep doing yall thing.

    • Romey_Rome

      Also, Sports Illustrated fucking up this week. 1st the AI writing stories for them and getting caught shows the decline in sports journalism. SI used to be the standard of sports journalism now they are just trash. The 2nd issue is the named Deion or coach Prime the sportsperson of the year which he doesn’t deserve in my opinion. There have been many coaches that have had an impact of 3 wins on a team in a single season. He did a good job but it was nothing special in the realm of coaching.

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jryan Shazier,

    Football is something else smdh.

    I hope all is well and that y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Granted, no matter how much you ate, nobody was as full of joy and content like Cowboys fans watching Dak and his precocious hairline cook Washington’s weak ass defense.

    Dez Bryant really fixed his mama slapping hands to tweet and shit talk Malika Andrews as a person and professional for not leaving her Thanksgiving dinner cold so she could report on Josh Giddey? The obession the He-Nigga Black Women Haters Club has with Andrews is disturbing, riddled with ashyness and definitely made worse with social media being a breeding ground for folks building community outta being their worst selves.

    It’s bad enough that Ohio State lost to that fucking school up north, but now we got famous Buckeyes out here taking L’s too? Ryan Shazier got caught trying to cheat on his wife cuz his iPhone was connected to his computer! An Android phone would never! Shazier had the grammar slider on 0 with the Horny and Audacity sliders maxed out, sending this woman *literature* about fucking? And having heard Shazier’s voice on several podcast ads, that somehow made this even funnier to me. Actually, I just checked Google and guess what state Shazier is from? Florida smdh.

    Has a player in any sport ever made their return from injury conditional on the team being in the playoff hunt? I understand doing that privately but Aaron Rodgers citing that publicly seems weird to me. Well, “weird” as in “attention seeking from a simple and dull white man that ESPN is capitivated with”.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!




    Greeting Rod, Karen, and JON miller

    Rod, you know what time it is…..
    You know what I came for…. (((Ray Lewis)))

    Von miller of the buffalo bills done fucked around and found out!!!! There’s an Arrest warrant out for him , for assaults on his pregnant girlfriend. Now remind me rod or Karen or Justin, wasn’t there a time he had a situation with a woman who was pregnant and he wanted her to get rid of that child? Is this the same woman or a different one? He been off the field so much,he got idle time to get women pregnant and do things that get him in trouble or in the news…..

    Y’all remember Oscar pistorius? He from South Africa and competed in the special Olympics, and won as an amputee. He then went on to kill her girlfriend. Well the sprinter bout to sprint on out of jail after spending 11 years inside. My murderer has a first name, it’s O,S,C,A,R…

    he was sentenced to 13 years but is set to be released January 5.

    Lastly have y’all heard about SGA who bought a house from a “crypto guy” for 6.1 million and now wants to renege on the sale due to safety concerns? It’s a house he purchased in Toronto, (where he is from) and not too long after getting the home, people were pulling up looking for the previous owner, Aiden Pleterski aka the crypto king! The crypto king filed for bankruptcy in 2022 and owes like 27 million Canadian dollars to “investors “!

    I can definitely see the concern. SGA would have living here as random people coming to the house looking for someone else! We all know money, when owed, can make people do some crazy things!

    Hope u guys had a wonderful holiday weekend

    Enjoy this weekend as well fyahworks out

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