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2813: Christopher Reeve

Rod and Karen banter about seeing a friend at the Hornets game, AI drive-thrus, Christopher Reeve, a sideline person hurt during an NFL game, and Shaq rapping. Then they discuss Jussie Smollet going to the Supreme Court, George Santos expelled from congress, Fat Joe says he be lying in his raps, Jeezy says he didn’t cheat on ex, Moms For Liberty scandal, Felicity Huffman, Julianna Margulies facing backlash for podcast, streaking at Disneyland, a fake article, dad runs over father killing him, Grinch pastor says Santa isn’t real outside school and sword ratchetness.

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  1. falsewings

    Related to pressuring actors to be publicly out in order to play LGBTQ characters: I don’t remember if you covered this because it happened months ago and my memory is shit but this is what happened to Kit Conner. He was 18 when he got casted on popular Netflix show to play a bisexual teen. He didn’t disclose his sexuality so some people assumed he was straight and profiting off a queer show. Apparently fans of the show were even harassing his friends & family to find out his sexuality? So he finally tweeted out something like “I’m bi. Congrats on forcing an 18yo to put themselves.” So yeah, while I agree that more queer characters should mean that more queer actors are also being hired (including to play straight roles), there shouldn’t be a “you need to match the sexuality of the character to play this queer role” qualifier. I don’t know if there’s a way to measure the first part of that statement without the second part also coming into play via “fan” harassment campaigns. I just want an environment where people didn’t force actors (and writers, musicians, etc) to out themselves in order to have representation.

  2. EvieE

    Christopher Reeve is a huge Mandela effect. I too thought his name was Christopher Reeves too. Well I don’t care. My mama called him Christopher Reeves. Imma call him Christopher Reeves.

    I wish Jussie Smollet would go away. He could have finished his sentence by now, hired a PR firm and got back to working already. I don’t know if he’s delusional or think everyone else is stupid.

  3. kristenT2617

    Just popping in because I agree fully with your points about Israel. Antisemitism and anti Zionism is getting conflated as the same, which is not the case. Also some Zionists, like Michael rappaport, are out here saying crazy wild things about how they (Jewish people) are better and that’s why they survived and thrived. Essentially insinuating that any other minority wasn’t good enough to succeed after persecution. It’s frustrating that they won’t admit Palestine and Hamas are different. Hamas was pushed by Israel and elected in 2006. THAT was their last free election. And the median age is 18. So people are being destroyed because of decisions that were made 20 years ago. There’s so much nuance that it can’t be summed up in a single 3 minute video or tweet. As always thanks for your enlightened talking points! Love yall

    • kristenT2617

      Correction: the Israel/Hamas/Palestine issue

  4. sdstarr

    My extended family is mixed Black and Jewish, and we’ve been comparing the messages we’re being sent on social media. Rod is right – different demographics are definitely getting fed different messages. To us it feels like the differences can’t be explained by just an algorithm. There is an organized effort to use social media to take advantage of the violence in Israel and Gaza. A lot of the tick-tocks and Instagram reels about Israel seem to be designed to tear apart the black and liberal coalition that elected Joe Biden. The reason this issue is getting boosted on social media is that it serves the interests of conservatives if young voters, Arab voters, Black voters, Jewish voters and Liberal voters are all at each others throats in both America and Israel.

  5. Anne

    I don’t have an opinion about the conflict between Palestine and Israel. But I do have an opinion about how Black people (specifically out of all minority groups) are being called out for their response to it. Focusing on Black people’s reaction makes all past acts of kindness look transactional as you said. It also has a hint of Black people being ordered “to do their job or else”. And it comes from a need to have the Black seal of approval in the world of victimhood to validate whichever side gets support.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I dont claim to always know what’s right. But when people, most white people started putting black squares on instagram I decided that it was stupid and helping noone. It was just a sign like: look! I’m a good person and I know what’s up.

    So I didn’t do it and now I’m glad. I remember thinking: this is so perfornative and fake and noone can make me do it.
    Maybe my intuition isn’t so bad.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I agree with Rod about not gay actors playing gay characters.
    Being to strict here can hurt people. Imagine a young actor who isn’t even sure about his sexuality yet. You would force him to come out even if he isn’t ready yet and I thought this would be something bad, and pretty much everyone agreed.
    People should come out on their own terms.

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