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SMR 482: Candy Cane Lane

Rod and Karen review the Eddie Murphy Christmas movie, “Candy Cane Lane.” They also discuss feedback for “Godzilla Minus One.”


  1. HustleNoFlow

    You asked about how the kids felt about the length. I watched with my 6 and 11 year-olds, and they both enjoyed it. The 6yo really used to tap out on movies early, especially if they weren’t animated, so I was surprised when she gave it thumbs up at the end.

    I enjoyed it overall, but I also don’t have an interest in seeing it again, and that’s kind of sad. I’ve watched a lot of these streaming holiday movies with the kids over the years, and some of them, if they were on regular tv, I’d absolutely tune in and let it play again. But on streaming, with my queue and new holiday releases, it’s on to the next.


    Wish I liked this a little more. It had its moments of levity, I just found some of the jokes not led from Jillian Bell, David Alan Grier, Robin Thede or Eddie Murphy to not have as much punch. It’s also, at least 20 minutes too long. Got a shit ton of credits but I found it to drag. Then again, Jillian Bell, man. Wasn’t afraid to go up against the GOAT Eddie. Love that woman.

  3. RoninRaphael

    This was truly a cute family watch and Peppermint was just muaaaah. In her role. I enjoyed the newscasters banter too, I would love to watch a movie made of the two in the studio with ol boy reporting from the streets. Pure calamity!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rodren,

    Speaking of Candy Cane Lane, we watched as a fam, it was cute, we miss cussing Eddie Murphy tho but I am happy that he is in his grandpa era. I think the grandpa era is the best era especially when you got money like Eddie Murphy. I was introduced to Pepper Mint AKA Jillian….White Lady through Good Burger 2. The fam watched Good Burger 2 on Thanksgiving, thoroughly enjoyed it, and now my manchild has a full understanding of why his parents act “that way”. Jillian White Lady was very good in that too, she went to Black Acting School. Did y’all watch it, if so what are y’all thoughts on Good Burger 1 and/or 2?

    OHHHH! I did a smart with the husbae, I was like Reginald Hudlin did this movie, he did Black Panther right? He was all like no Ryan Coogler did Black Panther and Reginald Hudlin did House Party. I said and Black Panther comics and hit him with the Googles *insert smirk*.

    Ok that’s it.

    My Krysable

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