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2817: Speaking of Abusers

Rod and Karen banter about video game clothes, beating women jokes, banged up cars on the road and Reddit’s PG rated year end recap. Then they discuss Doing It For the ‘Gram, Jonathan Majors trial, Sean Diddy Combs accused of sexual assault by more women, Russell Simmons defends himself, Cam’ron and Mase vs Melyssa Ford, SAG-AFTRA ends strike, Beyonce named 25 more influential women, Sauce Walka arrested, woman tries to burn down MLK’s house, grandparents unwittingly play the Whetherspoons game, woman tries to set Tinder date on fire and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Having regifted the fruit cake I was gifted I wonder why the fuck is so heavy? Like what’s in fruit cake that makes it as hard as a brick? Like you can rob someone with a fruit cake. Just put it in a pillow case and start threatening to hit people in the head. It would almost be as effective as a gun. It feel like a food white people came up with in the depression.

  2. Braison25

    I’m over here in the UK and Wetherspoons is a well-known pub chain here and in Ireland where you can get cheap drinks and meh food. I’ve had plenty of fun at each one I’ve been to.

  3. Sofa_King

    Full disclosure, I spent a significant portion of my childhood in a predominantly-white community, so take this for whatever you think it’s worth. We grew up next door to this elderly white couple: they used to spoil the shit out of me and my sister, because they saw us more than they got to see their own grandkids, even though their children didn’t even live that far away. Anyway, the wife used to make what she called a “seven-day cake,” which was a fruitcake in everything but the name, and we LOVED that shit! We used to beg for it like fiends, whenever we went over to their house.

    Shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Mell. Rest in the Most Peace.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I didn’t know what a fruit cake in the American way was. I looked it up and it doesn’t look appealing in any way. The “FRUIT” in it looks very suspicious and in some pictures it appears to be glowing. I wouldnt trust it. Thank you for providing educational content.

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