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SMR 484: Elemental

Rod and Karen review Pixar’s “Elemental.” Then they discuss feedback for Godzilla Minus One.


  1. RoninRaphael

    I enjoyed Elemental probably due to my kid watching it a lot. She even watched the making of it one day and that’s how I got to find out that it was losely based on director Sohn’s parents mixed with his childhood and himself. I guess hearing him talk about his parents journey from Korea and settling in NYC touched me. His marriage too was also thrown in there. Overall, I prefer Turning Red for the tackling of themes and at the end of the day, I’m just happy at representation winning. The animation was also pretty cool too. I’ll love to see the other cities or districts that other elements hang out in.


    Yeah, Rod, you made some point about this film. Elemental felt toooooooooo safe about the actual construct of immigration, in favor of a surface-level story to the kiddies not really think about the harsh realities of how, in this case, the fire parents, looking at Wade.

    Disney/Pixar pre-COVID, especially from 2014-2019 with films like Coco, Inside Out, Finding Dory, Moana, Incredibles 2, really hit home on these themes. I’ll even give COVID-era Pixar films like Turning Red & The Twitter hated Soul credit for its separate prescient themes.

    I hadn’t seen this since June & while I thought it was above-average, the more the days pass, I’m like, Director Peter Sohn probably needs to talk to more kids, who literally get the harsh realities. Also, yeah, there is no “clear” villain. I guess the villain is “mistakes” but that’s hardly a character. I was ok with the love story, even if it’s a bit tacked on & I liked Leah Lewis & Mamadou Athie (as long as he wasn’t fucking cry, which grated my Autistic ass ears, lol. It was awful.) but I went with it.

    It’s just lacking substance, which, more than anything, sinks it.

    I’m glad it did well worldwide & it showed signs that Disney didn’t just send it on Disney+ & have its fellow employees at Pixar get pissed at them for disavowing their hard work. Hopefully, the company will get back into the groove they we once remember them for.

    This is just passable. We need that good, good back, y’all. Peace!

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