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2824: An All Dracarys Episode

Rod and Karen banter about their not-so-smart printer. Then they discuss self-service TSA, SmileDirectClub out of business, Chick fil-A maybe be forced to open on Sundays, Pharmacies sharing patient records with the police, GA pharmacies first to sell weed, Citibank employee fired for lying about meal he expensed, Will Smith’s assistant threatens to out him, Christian Keyes, Charleston White arrested, a self-made millionaire advises us on when to tip, sugar prices are rising, Girl Scout cookies prices go up, hotel workers being harassed by angry guest, people are behind on car payments at record levels, livestock vet shortage, judge issues order keeping confederate memorial at Arlington for now, NY governor establishes reparations commission, Navy Federal Credit Union rejecting Black mortgage applicants, man gets DUI for crashing into Biden’s convoy, family buys 10k in Disney+ gift cards by mistake, “Santa Claus” kills dog and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod& Karen,

    Thank you for speaking about the Navy Federal CU story! As someone who works at a financial institution I am shocked every time these stories about these banks doing some crooked , illegal or in this case just blatantly racist shit to customers happens.

    Do these banks not have Internal Audit and or Compliance departments and also do they not have compliance training either !!! We have yearly compliance e- courses we have to take at my job which include two about Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and the Fair Housing Act which both most certainly talk about how discriminating based on race is illegal asf!!!

    This story mixed with that Wells Fargo story of them signing people up for accounts that they didn’t authorize them to -makes my blood boil. Because somebody should be going to jail for this shit not only a fine but go to motherfuckin jail .

    All I know is the class action lawsuit is going to be liiiiiiiiiit!!! lol

    Thanks Rod and Karen for all the joy yall have brought me by doing the podcast and I hope yall have a Merry Christmas! Also congrats on 500 episodes of Balls Deep too!!


  2. EvieE

    I was seeing on social media a lot of people who used smile direct say that they fucked up their teeth and they eventually had to go to an orthodontist anyway. They seem like a scam and i would be damned if I had to pay despite them not rendering services. They would have to take me to court because I’m not paying shit.

    The Christian Keyes thing could be legit but people are speculating like they know who it is even though he hasn’t said who. He has the right to speak out against his assaulter but I always wonder what’s the point of going public without naming names unless you want the content for yourself because many names get tossed around who may not be involved and if you see someone’s name constantly coming up and it isn’t them, why not say it wasn’t them. That seems kind of shady but it will be interesting how this will play out or if anyone will even be talking about this in a week or so when the Epstein list is unsealed. People have short attention spans.

  3. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I love a good old Dracarys Episode. Five Stars. I used Smile Direct Club, and my bottom teeth were not straightened. I know. I was looking for a quick fix. I finished paying them in May 2023, and then they had the nerve to send me information about their filing for bankruptcy.

  4. Shoebootie

    Printer talk made me want to road rage as I was driving and just dracarys all over route 287. THAT SHIT NEVER WORKS. NEVER. Doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional, whether you got an hour or all day – ya wanna print, you gonna have a hard time. It ain’t you, it ain’t me, it’s PRINTERS. They never wanna do their fuckin job!!!

  5. ApiafromGermany

    It’s part of my job to plan events and deal with expenses on the company credit card/ from my account and get it back from the company in the amount up to several thousands of euros.
    Im luckily extremely organized and do all the stuff in the right way, but of the job is also the possibility of an audit several years after the event. It happens once with me and I came out 100% clear but it was not fun! The good thing about it, you just deal with it and it becomes normal. You know all the questions and what to do with them.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Printers are my least favorite machines. I don’t trust them.
    My printer sometimes works with the app, sometimes with the other, sometimes he ( oh, it’s a he for sure) just refuses to communicate with anything, sometimes he just does the local network, not WiFi. It’s a pretty new HP model, a pretty new HP problem.
    I know all his tricks now and so I will find a way. But he is, like all his brothers before a bitch.
    To spite him I almost want paperless. We can do taxes without paper here, take this you printer bitch.
    I dream about a time when he has to move out for all his bad behavior, like a bad ex boyfriend who got broken up with.

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