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SMR 492: Rebel Moon Part One – Child Of Fire

Rod solo reviews Zack Snyder’s science fiction action space adventure, “Rebel Moon Part One – A Child of Fire.”

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    Rebel Moon Part 1 – Beautiful Stolen Gowns

    Look, I don’t necessarily dislike Zack Snyder either but I’m a call-it-like-I-see-it individual. She was boring & devoid of narrative impact of its sci-fi and/or western derivatives.

    Who are these characters? What are their motivations? Why should I care?

    Sofia Butella, bless her heart, just isn’t a star for this. The smaller the lines, the better she is (ex. Hotel Artemis). She can fight, which I like to see but her Cora is basically a nondescript ex-Nazi, who became a farmer to escape that life, they come back & she fights again? I mean, ok film.

    Ray Fisher, Corey Stoll, Charlie Hunnam (WTF dude, you don’t make no sense in this shit, lol!), Ed Skrein & others I haven’t named, are cosplaying in Star Wars but for Libertarians.

    It looks nice, but so did Army of the Dead for Netflix & I didn’t care much for that either. I’ll watch part 2 but I think I know how this pile of shit ends anyway.

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