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PG 394: Rite of Passage

Rod, Justin and Karen talk Justin rewatching TV shows, Fargo’s finale, Echo, podcasts, documentary preferences, going to the chiropractor, shooting around, LaRussell, Michael, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. RoninRaphael

    I tried talking like Oola Monk for 2 days but my Mrs and kid know me too well so paid me no attention. Fargo S5 was one heck of a show. A lesser show would have soured my taste at the death of the Black trooper, but the acting by everyone was so great that I ain’t even mad. That show was too good!

    Echo introduced me to the Choctaw Nation and I’m grateful for that. I didn’t know anything about the Choctaw Nation or mythology until I saw a promo for Echo with members of the Nation talking about the show being screened for them first before the public got to see it. They were happy and excited to see their culture represented, so although I would have preferred an 8-10 episode series. I just focused on the wins.

  2. Itsmee

    Speaking on New Rockstars way of researching for Echo ( thanks for the recommendation like a year or so ago), Jessica Clemons did a great job with her reviews. I watch another YouTube channel and he’s good with basic Marvel behind the scenes. But he tied the Choctaw symbolism into Marvel plots, not it’s Choctaw symbolism. And I would like both, but I’d appreciate the actual significance of the Easter eggs. Especially since they went to such lengths to get it right.

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