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BDS 504: DeNiggafying The YMCA

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Cowboys are keeping their head coach, Jerod Mayo’s introductory press conference, ESPN might let the NFL buy stake in channel, Bulls fans condemned for booing Jerry Krause’s widow, Brett Favre says Taylor Swift will be blamed for Chief’s not making Super Bowl, Ryan Shazier files for divorce, James Dolan accused of sexual assault, Lamelo Ball new basketball court, Jim Irsay suspected OD, Chiefs fans sent to hospital after game, Alabama’s new coach, Josh Gibby police investigation closed, TCU women’s team holds open tryouts, Warriors assistant coach dies of heart attack, Russell Westbrook gets into it with fan, Hurricanes tight end granted 9th year of college, Mike Tirico vs Al Michaels, Vanessa Bryant accused of not giving back and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin’.


  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod, Karen & Justin,

    Just came to say the Bucks are a very unserious organization lol

    Peace ,


  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jilwaukee Bucks,

    I hope all is well.

    Across 110th streets, Glenn Rivers was trying to find a team that’s weak. And the Bucks stepped up! As a Cavs fans, I want to thank Milwaukee for guaranteeing themselves a 2nd round exit ceiling for this season. What problems do the Bucks have that Doc can fix? How does this help anyone on the Bucks?

    I hope the Chiefs and Bills play each other every playoff cuz it’s always so much fun. Patrick Mahomes is the GOAT and led his team way without justifiably reading any of his receivers the riot act or choking any of them out. Chiefs vs Ravens in the AFC Classic is gonna a banger (Bills vs Ravens would’ve been The Two Americas Bowl).

    Can y’all let me know if I’m tripping but it feels like all the white pundits have seen enough tape to realize Josh Allen is the only one of these white boys that might could be be *great* and have latched onto him cuz of it? Joe Borrough keeps getting hurt; Trevor Lawrence is in Florida; Justin Herbert is a cise; all that leaves is Josh “Honky Kong” Allen. I get why Bills fans are especially forlorn: they spent 20 years watching Tom Brady fry their team only for Pat Mahomes to take his place as the Bills finally got their shit together.

    And then in the NFC? Congrats to the Lions on making the Super Bowl and having a legit feel good story. Yeah, at the time, an ankle eating coach sounded like historical ITWAN-ness but Dan Campbell had that team playing hard to *spite* Green Bay when they had a losing season? Now? Now they just gotta get past the formality of the Bay Area Cowboys and they’re in the Super Bowl! What, I’m supposed to believe this gone be the year Shanahan makes it work? The coach that can get choked out by a touchdown and field goal tandem? Nigga please.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows!


    Greetings Rod, Karen, and Joc rivers

    NBA thoughts:

    I would like to thank the Milwaukee bucks for getting raspy ass voice doc rivers off espn! I still don’t get how you have a winning record in your first year of 31-13 and the team decides to go in another direction. And in less than 24 hours has another coach ready to go. I blame thanasis lol. Bucks are still paying coach bud and newly fired coach griffin! They now will be signing doc till the 2026-27 season with a contract worth 40 M.

    Wes unseld jr just got removed from the wizards coaching position and given a job upstairs, reminiscent of what they did with Dwayne Casey when he left the raptors for the pistons. Is that a nicer way of firing a person? I mean it might seem like an upgrade or promotion, but it just says he got a “front office role”!

    Donkey has been officially removed from team USA activities for the Olympics in Paris this summer.

    What are y’all thoughts about Kevin Durant and him being left out the “GOAT” conversation? Who even asked him about this? Or was this something he decided to bring up on his own? Do you guys think he should be in the goat conversation? Or just perhaps maybe top 10-15 of all time?

    NFL thoughts:

    Jim harbaugh is now the head coach of the la chargers. Let’s see how this go round in the nfl goes for him. Chargers have a decent team he can work with. Falcons had like a million interviews with harbaugh, although they really want bill Belichick. So I guess now that Jim got a job they can stop playing and hire bill. Cam Wingdings is now saying he wanna play for the falcons.

    Last but not least Tyrell hill is filing for divorce. From his wife after 72 days of marriage. A petition was filed, but now hill is denying they are getting a divorce. I think that cold weather from the Kansas City play off game is messing with him (or cte)

    Thanks you guys. For everything

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out!!


    Hey Rod, Karen & Jean McDermott

    I’m so disappointed in how the media has handled the Josh Allen-Patrick Mahomes discourse, that even I have to give that Josh some props after this game concluded. Yes, Josh Allen, necessarily wasn’t exactly sterling in the fourth quarter. In his defense, his receivers let him the fuck down & turned into the bums Pat’s been throwing to all year. 8 plays of 20+ yards in the Chiefs favor to their zero. Forgot to mention, Sean McDermott’s a fucking “baby, please. Baby, please”-sized idiot for coaching that Damar Hamlin fake punt. It didn’t cost them in the grand scheme but it doesn’t change the fact how pressed that was. Other than the Pacheco game-winning TD early in the 4th, KC didn’t really do much else offensively. You had plenty of time & you could’ve turned Allen loose from the run play option play calling they had him all game. Before I get into whether Allen is elite & clutch & whatnot, back to the receivers. Stefon Diggs turned into Harvin Marrison in the postseason. Not a good thing, by the way. Dude had two against Denver in separate playoff runs & he turned into a sorry bum. A legend otherwise, yes, but damn. Diggs has two TDs in the playoffs but that was in 2020 & Gabe Davis & other Bills Wide-outs have been bigger than him. I can’t name a single defying thing he’s done since that play he made against the Saints in the divisional round all those years ago. You gotta catch one of them YOLOs, dawg. Thanks for playing, Von Miller. Five tackles in 2023. FIVE. ZERO SACKS. Talk about the bill coming due. Bills made a “Chiefs killer” roster & they’ve come up short in this round three consecutive years since the 2021 barnburner. Defense nuts up worst than Cedric the Entertainer did in Top Five. H-Town! And that cap hell is a coming, man. Oh man. more on that in a second.

    Now to Josh. Media, can y’all stop infantailizing that man? I found it gross & it makes him look bad. He’s done his job in the playoffs, despite not having deep playoff runs. His game against New England in 2021 was a masterclass. And for as much shit as I’ve given him with the turnovers? Only four interceptions in the playoffs. Twenty-one touchdowns in the playoffs. The Bills don’t have an Allen problem as they have a roster construction & just bad luck. Now, I partied when Bass missed that field goal but he failed, too. And he owned it. As for Josh failing in the red zone late, I’m two-fold on that. Diggs was open but he obviously saw Shakir open & he put the ball in the dirt, as Chris Jones ate Dion Dawkins lunch, hurting Josh’s precision. He didn’t trust Diggs anymore. Neither does the way the offensive coordinator, keeping that bad, cold white man on a tight restriction. 5 yards per attempt? That ain’t Josh Allen, baby. Nah. If he can’t be him & this is how they play from here on our, what is there identity. He’s there best player. Sometimes a liability but he’s good, man. While I don’t take back some of the negative shit I’ve said about him, I gotta give him a modicum of respect. His window ain’t close but these aging bills players not him gotta go. The Bills & Dolphins have to do some restructuring for the next year. Definitely have to hit big in the draft & free agency but the cap will be tough. Sean McDermott gotta go. At least, I think. That team can only go as far as his tutelage. As long as Mahomes, Burrow & when Lamar develops his playoff legacies? Dawg, it’s hard. At first, I didn’t feel bad for him, but I kinda do now. Now, I don’t feel that sorry for him, but damn, you do everything & it still ain’t enough. Cold. World.

    Chiefs vs Baltimore is going to be something, man. I’m rooting for Kansas City to be a modern-day dynasty but it won’t be easy. Take care, y’all.

    • Romey_Rome

      Shout out to Rod, Karen and Third Trimester Tustin. If you didnt know he got busted for HGH. Typically, you don’t see basketball players on HGH but I think he taking is juicing to get his testosterone up to smash more ig models and groupies cus this nigga aint getting no run on the court.

      Also, did yall see that alien battle last night between Wemby and Chet. Them boys for real don’t like each other and go at it every time.

      Thank yall. Love the show. Keep doing yall thing.

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