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PG 395: Crumbs On the Floor

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the worst place to leave food for bugs, renewing your license, eye glasses, On the Media podcast, Rod running into an old friend, the Cult of Mother God documentary, listener feedback and Stevie J getting someone else pregnant.



    Greeting gang,

    Hope the week was kind to you all!
    So I’ve been watching Griselda. On Netflix, I get my Netflix through T-Mobile so i technically do not pay for it, being that I’m on the basic bitch plan, they have incorporated ads at the start and in between shows or movies you watch now! It feels like the freebie version of YouTube. I will just have to deal! It’s something to get used to but the ads are like 15 seconds so it’s not to terrible!

    Have a great weekend and


    Fyahworks out

  2. Mary

    Hey Rod Karen & Justin! I have also been following the mass media buyout by private equity firms. Not only is this terrible for the huge layoffs but these firms have no interest in building these companies, only in gutting them and making profit. Thus, journalism is a dying craft. We will be left with Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc. which IMO are Big Headlines Little Substance type news…and TikTok. My former classmate taught journalism and specifically reporting at USC and he was horrified at the students lack of interest in well, the kind of boring stuff that makes up reliable journalism. Like sticking to the facts and not interjecting a lot of commentary — I think newspersons now want to be personalities. And fact-checking? Well, that’s pretty boring, right? More fun to go off of Feelings. Sheesh. As I’ve mentioned before, I just go to a few trusted sources to tell me what I need to know and investigate further – TBGWT is included! Oh! And have you all seen the American Nightmare documentary? When is a crying white woman never not believed – this was a wild story! Keep up the great shows!

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