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BDS 505: Tristan Caught Cheating Again

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Tristan Thompson suspended, the Bucks head coaching turmoil, Wizards coaching turnover, Draymond won’t be on Team USA, Tyreek Hill divorce filing, Amazon buying Bally Sports, Emoni Bates suspended for running into the stands, Chandler Jones doesn’t believe in CTE, Kevin Porter pleads to lesser charges, Jasmin Brown looking forward to being a mom, Bills stadium worker raves over Taylor Swift, Cowboys Twitter drama, Aaron Rodger accused of lying about hole in one, Kansas City fans deaths gets more confusing, Panthers hire new coach, Luka has fan kicked out, LSU ex-WR arrested for gambling on games while underage, Draya Michelle pregnant by 21 year old NBA player and Colorado’s minor NCAA violations.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s Up Rod, Karen, and Jercedes AMG F1 Team!

    I’m dubbing myself, the #1 BDS Formula One and Lewis Hamilton fan. I awoke this morning to a massive F1 bombshell. My GOAT, Lewis Hamilton, the winningest driver in Formula One history, and the only Black driver in the history of F1, is leaving Mercedes AMG F1 to join Ferrari in 2025! This is HUUUUGE news. This would be like if Lebron joined Steph and KD on the Warriors to win ring number 7!

    Since joining Mercedes in 2013, Lewis Hamilton put Mercedes F1 on the map. He led them to 8 consecutive team championships, a record, and won 6 World Drivers’ Championships in 7 years, another record. He’s shattered every driving record including most wins, most podiums, most poles, and most consecutive seasons with a win.

    So why would he leave a team where he’s had so much success?

    Well, as I wrote in an email to the show back in December 2021, the leadership of Formula One, cheated Lewis out of his record-breaking 8th World Drivers’ Championship, on the final 2 laps of the final race of the 2021 season. They made up a rule on the spot to hurt nobody but Lewis and prevent him from winning the race and break Michael Schumacher’s record for WDC trophies. I’ve literally never seen such blatant cheating by officials in sports in my life. Even the race commentators couldn’t believe what was happening. F1 cheated so that their great white hope, Max Verstappen could become champion.

    Well, after the scandal, Mercedes and the Team Principal, Toto Wolff, did not fight for Lewis. Everybody in the world witnessed such blatant cheating but Mercedes didn’t do so much as file a lawsuit and they gave such a half-assed “protest” that it could hardly be called one. See, Mercedes still won the team championship that year, so they left Lewis out to dry. This would NOT have happened to a white driver. There are niggas still filing lawsuits against F1 from shit that happened in 2008! Not even exaggerating.

    Since, The Robbery, Mercedes has been terrible. They’ve basically had a lawnmower for a race car and Lewis hasn’t won a race in 2 years. This is after a record-setting 14 consecutive seasons with at least one win. When Lewis told them the car was bad and they needed to make changes, they told him to shut up and drive the car, he’s not an aerodynamics engineer. They have given him bad race strategy calls that have cost him chances at winning and have made multiple strategy calls to favor his teammate, this sorry white nigga named George Russell. While Mercedes has been trash, MAGA Verstappen has won 34 out of 44 races in the last 2 seasons and 3 straight championships.

    Now, in 2025, Lewis will be joining Scuderia Ferrari, the winningest team in F1 history. The team that white people’s goat, Michael Schumacher, used to drive for. Ferrari hasn’t won any championships since 2008, but they’ve been on the comeback. They’ve managed to build a fast car for qualifying, but their current drivers, don’t have any race craft, and routinely bottle race wins. So a driver with Lewis’ skills should be able to put them back on top.

    Things are about to get reeeally interesting in the next 2 years. I’ll keep yall updated on the tea.

    Lastly, if anybody wants to learn about Formula One, I highly recommend the Netflix series Drive to Survive. F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and there’s always good storylines and drama.



    Bless y’all Rod, Karen & Jebron James.

    The NFL didn’t really give me much to talk about. I mean, I could talk about Lamar’s subpar play against KC’s Defense, My Cousin, Zay Flowers, making boneheaded mistakes with taunting & committing the “own goal” of the NFL: Touchback & Brock Purdy putting his team on his back. I forgot, y’all don’t care about no stats. Nah. However, uh, LeBron, nigga, whatchu doing getting into the gambling game with ESPN BET? I don’t even care if it’s just for the NFL, it’s mad sketchy. Have players not heard of the White Sox’s scandal or Pete Rose. Motherfucking Tim Donaghy?!? Circle the wagon, thus, repeating history again & again.

    Look, I’m probably being reflexively over-the-top with this, I’ll admit that from jump, I just don’t like it. From any league’s players betting on different sports. If it ends up being a nothing, which, is a pretty big fucking tall order since the Supreme Court let this happen, again, I’ll drop it.

    That being said, it’s the cost of a postmodern society, which already has had ample costs to boot. Yuck.


  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jodd Monken,

    Happy Black HISTOREEEEEEEYYYY month! I hope all is good with y’all.

    I’d been critical of Greg Roman’s offensive playcalling in Baltimore for a few years now but it’s really wild they let him back in the building so they could call 6 run plays. Truly something incredible. Naw but for real, I feel bad for the players on Baltimore that I like that such a great season ended on such a rough note, especially Lamar Jackson and Zay Flowers. Flowers fumble was especially rough cuz he was trying to juke the souls out those niggas to score!

    On the flip side, shouts out to Kansas City and Powerball Pat; props go out to Cleveland native and all time post-season reception leader Travis Kelce. Y’all think he gonna retire after this season?

    Shouts out to the Detroit Lions and their fans (Quan, Canuck Duke, Mr. Spann) on having such a great season. Only thing I’ll slander is that they played that wack ass “I’m Not Afraid” Eminem song. Whole nation watching y’all show how unserious the Niners are and they go into the half with that garbage playing? Smdh.

    Oh and I ain’t retracting shit I said about the Niners cuz they not winning the Super Bowl and the Lions beat themselves; as much as my anti-Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch agenda hinges on Shanny’s hopeless Big Brain moments, I did not expect the Lions to lose in part cuz a Dan Campbell Big Balls 4th down attempt would fail. I am fine with super aggressive playcalling, even if it doesn’t work sometimes and I do sincerely hope that Lions fans had fun this season.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the dope shows!




    Happy BLACK HISTORY ROD, KAREN & Jajon Jondo

    First day of BHM and what a way to start! Rod please do the honors: (Ray Lewis drop) Rajon rondo was arrested in indiana last weekend on gun and drug possession. He was driving recklessly and was pulled over in a Tesla. We are all asking the same question, what is he doing Indiana? Was he early for the all star game festivities?

    In nfl news,
    Recently suspended and cut from the colts, Isaiah rogers, got cut and suspended from for betting, an issue many players on that team had this season, he recently admitted, after being suspended, he was making bets for family and friends. A total of 100 bets! He said the bets were made for people in Florida, where online betting wasn’t legal at the time of his gambling infractions.
    “Just trying to help friends and family out, just knowing that it wasn’t legal at the time in Florida and it was in Indiana,” he said. He was picked up by the eagles and is on a reserve/suspended list and he can’t do anything till basically next season.

    Lastly, since Donald Sterling sold the clippers for 2B it seems the going rate for any team in any sport is in the billions, The price of
    Mediocrity is about 1.7b, that is how much the Baltimore orioles are for sale for right now. Did donald Sterling start something or are just adjusting for inflation?

    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend,


  5. jamielscorpio

    What Rod and the DEI squad. What is funny about white folks and racism. Is no black person is deserving of the job, while ignoring when white people screw over other white people. Prime example Greg Olsen has been called the best commentator for the last 3 or 4 years. And has been on the FOX #1 Broadcast team for the last two season. Getting rave reviews. And now he is losing his job to not an Asian person, not a woman, and not a black man. But the person with zero experience, and no training that is taking his job is a white man in Tom Brady. But not one white person has uttered one complaint about this overly qualified white man who is great at his job losing it. To a person with no experience. As always peace

  6. Mary

    Hi Rod, Karen and Jamar Jackson (sorry, I like Lamar but that dude shoulda took off and run the damn ball!!!) Anyway, Lebron partnering with Draft Kings…Pete Rose gotta get in the HOF now right?

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