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2846: White Man, Asian Man and DEI Man

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. Kpskrt

    Commenting on the poll, I got a a job offer a few years ago and the onboarding process was unexpectedly fast. Had to take a drug test not too long after receiving the offer. I smoke weed occasionally and was unsure my pee would make the cut. On the day of the of the test my best friend gave me their pee. I put it in a 5hr energy bottle, got some hand warmers and put everything it in the slot of my underwear (urines gotta be body temp). They don’t watch you pee so surprisingly this worked out for me. It was nerve racking though and I would never do this again. However, I was kind of impressed with myself for this idea at the same time All in all, I’m glad some places are reconsidering drug testing. First time commenter, been listening to the regular show and premium for some time. Thank you both for all you do!

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I come from a family from poor/working class eastern Europeans. The women always had to work in my family. One of my grandmother worked in the administration of a coal mine ( coal mines employed most people there at some time) the other was a household worker for a rich family. So we never had ” stay at home mom” money. This is a plus now. It’s not expected of my from my parents.

    About weight: I never use the scale and don’t know my weight. My old eating disorder might still be there and I don’t want to wake it up. ( it was medium strong bulimia, coming and going, it is gone for about 10 years now)

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I just remembered something about butts in the 90-ties.
    Me and my friend Tina were talking at recess and minding my own business.
    A popular boy came by and said: „ I will tell you now about your looks. Tina looks perfect. Apia is ok but if you got a tan and lost weight in your ass, alone, otherwise you are fine, you would be really pretty.“ and he left.
    I was way too shy and confused to say anything. But at least I wasn’t hopeless? But how would I manage to loose weight in my ass alone? And tanning was way too expensive for me, and my parent would never give me money for that.
    And I heard something about skin cancer?
    So I accepted to stay ok for now and went to develop an eating disorder soon.

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