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2864: The Insurrections 5s

Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ News, young voters don’t want to be friends with others who vote the opposite way, Jam Master Jay killers convicted, Jussie Smollett update, Wendy’s experimenting with surge pricing, laundry detergent, Clarence Thomas hires racist clerk, BLM-LA co-founder riles up racists, Birmingham mayor encourages Black athletes to leave the state, Fox thinks Black people will buy Trump’s shoes, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Angela

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    Thanks for keeping it 100! People must not have had it hard enough during the Nixon, Reagan, Bush, or Trump years. Talk about doing MAGA’s work for them by not voting. I hope parents are teaching their kids. I think a lot of these kids have grown up in these segregation-lite years and don’t know what our people have been through and the adults who act this way are in denial. I greatly appreciate you expressing yourself and reality clearly, and bringing that Honorable John Lewis energy. We don’t have the same privilege white folks do to be all in our feelings about candidates and voting. Truthfully not even white people can afford that. Thank you Karen too for telling people what’s what about voting and the big picture for us as a people.

    I can’t remember if you talked about detergent in this episode, but that report on the detergent study hurt me. I use Tide pods-a lot of them out of necessity. When I used liquid detergent, I used a lot of it out of necessity. I think each tide pod may measure out to 1 and 1/2 or 2 tablespoons. I don’t know how active these people are, but having a houseful of pubescent active kids, a husband, and myself, there is no way you can only use a tablespoon or two with large or even small extra dirty (normal for my family) loads. Nothing smells worse than ballet clothes. We are lucky to have a washer that measures the water needed for loads. This study probably came from the same folks who concluded that letting water and soap run down your legs and feet left fewer bacteria on your legs and feet than scrubbing them. I don’t know what they are using to scrub (if anything) but I could not believe that study just as I can’t believe this one. I can see not using three pods for a light load, but the generalities they are talking about are blasphemous. I will continue to follow the guidance of my ancestors and use the amount of detergent, oxi-clean, and yes a tiny capful of Pine-Sol for towels and extra stinky clothes when needed. Open your third eye. This is a trap.

    Thanks for the awesome episodes and your passion!


  2. EvieE

    If I see anyone wearing those insurrection 5s in real time they are getting clowned. Not only are they ugly, you just know they’re cheaply made and will probably fall apart in the rain. And there’s no guarantee you’d even get them if you ordered them because this sounds like another scam from Dump.

    That Wonka experience looked so janky they put those workers lives in danger because if the right ones showed up to that mess, hands would have been thrown.

  3. rodimusprime

    Greetings To You Both,

    After hearing Wednesday’s episode where you addressed the caller
    about Van Lathan I knew I had to write you.

    Thank you Rod and Karen for doing your show so unapologetically and
    being true to who you are. It’s refreshing and I’m forever
    grateful I learned about you on the KH Show last year. I love your
    Friday spot too.
    Anyway, you summed it up beautifully with what’s at stake if people
    in our community want to be contrary and not vote. You illustrated so
    well about how we will be affected by not voting. Period! I love
    everything about your show. Lastly, some of these people with so
    called “platforms” are not voters, recent voters, high income
    brackets and very uninformed and attention seeking sellouts. In my
    opinion. They’ll survive the outcome. The rest of us will be
    adversely affected. Staying stupid has negative consequences.

    Thank you Rod and Karen for your voices I need to hear them and
    appreciate them.


  4. ApiafromGermany

    I couldn’t be friends with someone who is a right wing voter.
    Here the situation is a bit different, we have so many parties that I in my life voted for 3 different ones in various elections. I always vote left, the question is how left. The bad, bad right wing party I’d called AFD. If I knew someone was a voiter of this party, there is no way we can ever hang out. Other medium conservative parties, I can live with. They are still pro science and against Nazis.

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