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2881: The Anti-Blackness of Candace Owens

Rod and Karen banter about Lupe Fiasco and Kanye making Karen sad and a listener email defending Candace Owens. Then they discuss Diddy selling his Revolt shares, Baltimore bridge hit by a containership, Russia hit by terrorist attack, Russell Simmons served in Bali, RFK Jr running mate, porn site age verification, Halle Berry spreading awareness about perimenopause, Ronna McDaniel dumped by NBC News, IG stops recommending political content, landlord attempts arson, FL man acts up on plane, another OnlyFans teacher and sword ratchetness.

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    To that woman who had a problem with Anthony Mackey telling her no about wanting to chat with him, look man, leave that man alone & be happy you saw him, because that’s the only attention you’re gonna get. I got a couple of moments of having celebrities in my vicinity. In 2016, Peter Weller was coming out the entrance, as I was arriving to a Fort Lauderdale comic-con convention. I thought about talking to him but luckily I had a cooler head about it & decided, if I’m going to meet someone of his stature, it has to be inside that convention center, not outside, where I can easily exploit that man. I never did get to see him after that, but that taught me something. That man’s a human being, just like Mackey. Also, Anthony was partying to himself with his window down, smoking a cigar. He’s in a good vibe, enjoying himself. Brother got four kids & a shitton of projects, he’s trying to enjoy his moments outside the Hollywood scope. Just let these people be in peace & go to a damn convention. That’s the most access you’re going to get, unless, you’re totally depraved & bereft of self-awareness. That’s all I got. Peace.

  2. EvieE

    The person who wrote in about Coondace Owens can’t be for real. You can’t say anti black shit for years and not be anti black. They clearly wrote in to antagonize you. Coondace isn’t even slick because she’ll never go on a show where she’s asked thought provoking questions or questions that require more than one brain cell. She is a forever clown. Stacy Dash tried to come back to the black side but we said no thanks. No black people aren’t a monolith but most of us aren’t stupid either.

    It was so heartbreaking to hear about the bridge collapse because that is truly a huge fear of mine. I get super anxious driving over bridges and I can’t imagine the fear in the last minutes in those people’s lives. But it’s also exposed just how reprehensible some people are. The first thing some people said was that the mayor of Baltimore was a DEI candidate. I guess that’s the new n*gger. And that’s why I can never take Coondace seriously because she was co-signing that exact same rhetoric just weeks ago.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Perimenopause is extremely different in each woman. Even in white ladies the variation of symptoms is huge.
    I know women who suffered a lot. I asked my mother and she said she hardly had anything, s few hot flashes, like maybe 5 and at 52 the period just stopped. The end.
    I hope now it will be similar here, as the other hormone and pregnancy stuff was very similar to hers.
    As for now, I have nothing yet. At least nothing new! Some mood swings are not really new, First you have it from puberty, than the stress of the university, than regular stress of being alive, pregnancy, kids, periods. So many reasons to choose from! And as I mentioned, I was born in 1978. So before Karen starts with being old, I will always be older. Sorry Karen.
    Your old friend, Apia.

    • Shoebootie

      I have no idea what to expect or when. I never got that talk from my mom, she didn’t go through regular menopause since she had an emergent hysterectomy in her 40s. And both sides of my family took that weird “we don’t talk about that” approach to bodies and changes. I’m gonna get to menopause and still have impostor syndrome of being an adult!

  4. Shoebootie

    Candace Owens is an Uncle Tom. She’s gonna be co-hosting a show with Stacey Dash next thing ya know.

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