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2888: Mentally Thinking

Rod and Karen banter about car trouble disrupting Rod’s day, dining in taking a hit and moths. Then they discuss the Supreme Court’s latest session, how 2016 might be what gets Trump off for insurrection, SCOTUS not ruling on Deray McKesson’s protest case, Jonathan Majors get a year of batterer intervention, the Rock cynically avoids endorsing Biden, AI Girlfriends, US men are peeing wrong, Black Capitalists, man tries to rob store with live snake, man assaults worker with bible, man found drunk sitting in garbage can and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mike Mallory

    Tyler Perry is undeniable. I was a hater at first, but he won me over. My mom loved him, my aunts love him, every girl I dated loved him, and my my wife loves him. Btw… all of them are black lol. His BET shows are well put together. My wife is up to date in all of them and often I find myself on the couch with her, getting caught up in some scandalous storyline, asking questions and getting invested. I don’t know how he does it, but Tyler knows how to grab your attention. Even the stuff that’s laughable, grabs me to the point where I at least want to stick around to see how it plays out.

  2. Yaytoonday

    Mom of 2 (mostly grown) boys: boys are trained to pee standing up. There are stools for this purpose. We even used cheerios to teach them to aim.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    We have some relatives with problematic political views, luckily not very close to us.
    I don’t think that confronting them helps, in fact they often enjoy the stage to bring up their wacky views.
    We don’t see them anymore. I have no other solutions.

  4. EvieE

    When my mom tan a daycare I helped her potty train the kids and we had the little boys sit down on the potty because they had the cup attachment so their little wee wees wouldn’t go flying everywhere. Me and my mom had a technique where the kids would be trained within a week. Funny enough the boys would eventually start standing so I assume their fathers taught them that. I know when my brother trained my nephews he used the cheerios method to help their aim so I think most boys who are trained by women initially learn sitting down and the father teaches them to stand or they learn by watching their peers in school.

    Fuck Donald Trump

  5. Harrygodzilla

    Have been standing to pee since potty training. Had a Big Bird training potty and then a stool until I was tall enough to use the big potty

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