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2896: Kendrick Hates Drake

Rod and Karen banter about Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss, some podcast guest appearances and a moment of kindness at Chipotle. Then they discuss Trump legal news, breast cancer screenings suggest at 40, Kanye sued for discrimination, Ebin New York put on blast by former employee and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I had to write in again after Kendrick dropped a third track. Yep, Drake is gonna have to shot him. I mean damn, Kung Fu Kenny won’t take that foot off Drake’s neck. And I’m almost certain there’s more stuff to spill.

  2. EvieE

    I don’t consider myself a hip hop scholar and only consider myself a causal fan of the genre but I’m familiar enough with the culture to know what Mike Jones number is and that cash money was was taking over the 99 and the 2000s. I’m dating myself with this but my first recollection of hip hop beef was when I was a kid listening to Roxanne Chante and all all these people popped up associated with Roxanne likes The real Roxanne, Roxanne’s father, Roxanne’s mother and I think even Roxanne’s dog had a diss record. It was all in good fun as far as I remember and then hip hop beef started getting really heated with KRS-one’s the bridge is over which a lot of people recognize as one of the first really ruthless and memorable diss records.

    Since then rap beef has had its ups and down but I think most people would say that Ether and Hit ‘em is probably among the best diss songs of all time. There have of course been some really good ones and Drake actually did a couple of them but lately my interest in hip hop has been reignited. First with Megan’s Hiss and now Euphoria. Dare I say Euphoria may go down as a top three rap diss of all time. That song has had the socials in shambles since Kendrick dropped it. I’ve listened to it so many times and even heard it broken down by literal scholars. This isn’t just a regular diss record. Kendrick went so hard, I think at this point Drake’s only response is to shoot that nigga. I know Drake is in a corner somewhere crying.
    Kendrick has created one of the greatest hater anthems of all time.

  3. Karmenjay

    Most random(EST) of comments, but did y’all cover the demise of Andrew Cuomo, better yet the rise and fall of him? I started listening to you in 2022, so I’ve been going back to certain points in history to get your takes. However Cuomo had a solid reign from 2020- Aug 2021 and the eps Ive pulled from that era don’t cover him. (They’re still great though) Just curious to know if it was a major taking point at some moment for y’all…

  4. bamil73

    Hey Karen and Rod

    “I tried to keep it Pee Gee”

    Everybody talking about the protests on all the campuses but the press seems to be ignoring the biggest hate crime of the week that was committed this week by one Kendrick Lamar. Did the Anti Defamation League get involved ’cause the level of hate dripping from the delivery made me realize K-dot don’t want Drake to exist. It made me want to revoke my Canadian citizenship and move back to Jamaica. It made me question MY legitimacy and blackness. Can I say nigga? Can I? Please say I can. It made me feel a way and I don’t even fuck with Drake.

    Anyway, I loved the jokes online and it was fun until the intellectuals started coming with the think pieces.
    Until next time houstatlantavegas y’all


  5. ApiafromGermany

    The petty beefs where one rapper buys all the tickets so the other one has to perform in front of no audience sound amusing and I hope they will stay on this level!

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    As a 51-year-old, NY rap head, I appreciate a good rap beef even if I only get half the references. (I’m in my too old to be in the club era.) I appreciate your wrap-ups and analysis. I’m laughing through the whole thing. I’m not a Drake fan but I also don’t hate him. I remember when he first got really big about 15 years ago, my then-husband said “He just ain’t for us” and that’s how I treat him. I like a few of his songs, but the existence of Drake in hip-hop doesn’t bother me. Each generation got their own, like my mom not caring for Public Enemy because she had Gil Scott-Heron. With all that said, thank you for keeping this old head informed. Long live rap beefs. Lol.

  7. PamelaM8

    Good Morning Rod and Karen –

    Listening to this show and just want to comment on the AZ election interference case (I read a lot of Substack). The democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes was elected in 2022 by a margin of 280 votes! You know if her opponent had won, most likely there wouldn’t even be a case. Voting matters! Love to see people facing consequences, it’s a strong deterrent to others not to be doing that bull****!

    Love the show!


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