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PG 407: Justin Was Right

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the Kendrick beef, basketball with Justin’s brother, Rod and Karen going to their first baseball game, the Fallout TV show, taking progress pictures and listener feedback.



    Greetings fam,

    So although the Drake and Kendrick beef has died down, I was watching a wnba game recently over the weekend and I noticed there was a Nike commercial, I believe for air max and
    Low and behold Drake is in it! The irony of the scene is he is in a classroom with students aka A minorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs lol

    I also saw the Kevin hart special where is was awarded the mark twain prize, I didn’t even know was a thing, but the stars came out. Chris rock, Seinfeld, Dave chapelle, Tiffany haddish and more but the funniest guy in my opinion was his old time friend who had suffered a stroke. He got a stroke while taking a viagra. He is 60 years old. His name is Keith Robinson.

    Lemme show y’all some range, I also channeled my inner Rod and watched a doc. I checked out the Ashley Madison documentary on Netflix. It’s 3 parts. They focused on this one Christian couple from Texas. But they also told a story of a man who was in seminary school. When the leak happened he killed himself. That leak who they say possibly was done by the ceo named Noel, was to garner up more business , revenue and publicity, did more harm then good! Moral of the story, don’t cheat! And especially online.

    Lastly, Rod and Karen, as gamers, have y’all heard this story. Or rather I saw this clip on Instagram where a now ex girlfriend ruined her ex boyfriends gaming equipment and his career value of 400k , all because she was tired of him being on the game all the damn time, tho he was making money.

    Here is the link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7Qy11DOlCT/?igsh=a2Ixb3FhanVqeTlh

    Hope it still works

    Have a great holiday weekend

    Fyahworks out

  2. RoninRaphael

    Dry vodka with a martini, shaken not stirred is the only one that I remember to order thanks to 007 and I’ve only ordered it once. I was wearing a bow tie too and I felt like a sexy killer. Can’t recall the taste (it was prepandemic). Now I ask for the bartender to recommend something sweet and not too strong. I’m no longer on the single streets, so have no need for my killer drank like my 007 days.

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