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PG 410: No More Dumb Dentist

After switching to Zoom because of technical difficulties, Rod, Justin and Karen discuss switching to dental work, car troubles, a guy at the gym, Atlas, Eric, How To Rob A Bank, Clipped, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, The Wheel of Time, The Acolyte, Hitler and the Nazis and Benzino is an R Kelly apologist.



    What it is gang,
    I missed the past few weeks writing in but you know I’m also locked in, hope all is well

    I wanted to speak on the binge vs week to week formats of shows.
    What’s you guys thoughts on if streaming services gave you a choice, meaning release a show both ways and let you choose how you view it? I think it’s satisfies both sides of the argument and everyone wins.

    Lastly how much did Justin pay Dr Umar to say all that good stuff about light skin brothers winning in 2024

    You guys rock

    Appreciate all y’all do

    Fyahworks out

  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod Karen and Justin? I ment to write in last week but forgot. I watched the Dancing with the devil documentary after hearing yall talk about it. Did you know Melanie fiancé /Husband is Austin Eckler. I thought that was crazy while watching part 3 thinking to myself like why does that dude look so familiar . All I had for this week peace!

    Cam Wall

  3. SuavyP

    Rod, sounds like the issue with your car is it is having an engine misfire on one of the cylinders. So I would assume an ignition coil and/or spark plug on one (or more) of the engine cylinders is failing and needs to be replaced. You can go to autozone or advanced auto parts and ask to have your Check Engine Light code read to confirm for free.

    • SuavyP

      Was just listening to 3GO where you was discussing your car and trying to figure out which mechanic was giving you the best advice. And I hate to say this, I know I sound ridiculous but my coon-dar got activated and I just came here to say…. (whispers) that the whyte man was right. Sorry to this black man ‍♂️

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