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SMR 501: Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Rod and Karen review the fourth entry in the “Bad Boys” franchise “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” They also discuss some movie trailers and your comments.


  1. RoninRaphael

    Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you… anytime I try to get rid of a song that was on state TV and radio back in the days in Benin City, I go watch this franchise and end up singing it all week long.

    I loved this movie, I caught it at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown Manhattan and it felt like the BBQ was happening as I was watching it with the right crowd (Us mostly). Man’s immortality evaporated thanks to an albino alligator or as Dr Umar would say white alligator. Someone say message!

    The moment I saw former Reed Richards, I said baddie. Didn’t spoil my fun. I thought it funny that it was a black British sister and white kid that were the damsels in distress. White woman with a gun on a revenge mission got me worried for Armando, I almost spoke Spanish to screen trying to tell her that just like Jesus. He’s been stabbed for your daughter multiple times, I thought amigo about to die and she forgave him unleashing healing powers… oh my the tears. My boy is healed and can kill again, we getting a 5th movie yessss and thank you white lady. Let this be a lesson to the world. Forgive the Armando who hurt you!

    DJ Khalid died right? Them cameos were funny, the priest at the wedding is that Indian guru Jay something with a huge following. TikTok star, I’m pretty sure that there was a sports star in there. My theater erupted at Michael Bay, I recognized him immediately. For this type of movie, the villain worked. Would I have loved to see more of him? Heck yeaaaaaah. But we came for the soulmates and one was a donkey. The theater also died at the slapping scene, I was saying to myself “slap him out of it” when the first slap happened. It felt like a this is for Chris Rock and everyone you let down. Now you’re forgiven (maybe the Indian guru blessed the slaps lol).

    Bad booooooy. Thanks for your awesome review. Quick question, did you guys review Civil War?


    More like Bad Boys: Beating The Washed Charges since 2020.

    Look, I love Michael Bay & there’s been a bit of a revisionistic campaign about how a nearing 60 year old, already don’t-give-a-fuck white man would handle & he’s not Adil & Bilall. He not. I’ll defend Bad Boys II & all the offensive shit but that shit was as long as senate hearing speaking about the violence in Mortal Kombat. Michael, you my guy, but I have yet to forgive you for Transformers 2: Coon of the Fallen. Transformers 1, 3, 4 & even 5 I’ll let slide, however, quality be damned.

    Ride or Die is just a fun, well-directed vibe for two hours & once again Martin & Will are just on their bullshit being the aged up brothas dealing with shit for nearly 30 years. The last one should’ve just been “cute” & it’s legit my favorite in the franchise, thanks to the current direction & vibrance of this world. Who’d thought that the best scene (and choreograph) came from Reggie. Our guy went from “nigga, you look thirty” & being hit with loads of slander from the mainstays to looking sweet. This franchise, last time I checked LetterboxD, are Dennis Greene’s only credits. If this brotha is in a Scott Atkins or Michael Jai White direct to video endeavor or even non-bad boys franchise doing this shit (hopefully he can act too), dawg, c’mon!!!

    He even got the series “hero shot” to bookend this shit!!! NIGGGGGGGAAAAAA! I’m inconsolable but it was so well done. Most of the action beats are good as ever, cameos, cast old & new (well, most of them) are good.

    Poor Rhea Seahorn, man. I’ve never seen Better Call Saul (I will someday) but this character meant to tie together Joe Pantoliano’s captain death didn’t work. Not her fault, this film is just working with a lot after BB3 (and even BB2, oddly enough). Ioan Grufford’s slimey ass character was pretty predictable. Saw the turn coming. It’s the face & he was once Reed Richards in two Tim Story Fantastic Four movies. Even the main bad guy, played by Eric Dane was really just there to move the plot along. Wish he had more significance, then again, that’s kinda been this series shortcoming, imo, is middle-of-the-road villains dating back to Tcheky Karyo in the original film. It’s all about the stars.

    I could pick this shit apart for days, but I won’t anymore. It’s just good as hell. Copaganda is back with a vengeance, baby. Whenever Bad Boys 5 comes out, close the book strong. Good to be back to a dope series.

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