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2915: Never Cry Over Spilled Sperm

Rod and Karen banter about seafood boils, going down a short size, Karen feeling spoiled, sexual healing and publishing the Bible. Then they discuss LGBTQ News, Diddy divesting from Revolt, GA representative accused of lying, woman declared dead while still alive, heat deaths spiked in 2023, judges rule against Fearless Fund, SCOTUS upholds SC gerrymandering, Michael Eric Dyson defends Drake, Who News (Polo G), body part sellers busted, pervert contaminates kid’s cupcakes, Mr. Monopoly goes to jail and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SymSymma

    Hey Rod and Karen. Michael Eric Dyson loves syllables, don’t he? He negates his point when he brought up other people being embraced because that proves that the issue is with Drake as a person. I completely agree that he knows better and just wants a hot take to get people talking. It worked but I don’t see how this will help him to sell anything.

  2. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    Congrats to Rob and his health journey. What I admire most is his consistency. It’s a good feeling when you can notice your own progress. I’ve lost some weight but not quite where I want to be. Seeing Rod document his workouts and hearing progress reminds me that I can get back on track at any time.

    I’ve stated before that I want that Rod and Karen love. I loved the banter about Karen feeling spoiled. I’m out in these Charlotte streets trying to find me a Rod, but I think they stop making that model after Karen got hers. I wish continuous happiness upon your union.

    I like seafood boils. I haven’t found a good one here yet. I tried Crab Du Jour on S. Tryon and it was just greasy without flavor. I love hearing about the places you guys eat at.

  3. EvieE

    I’m with you on the cupcakes Rod. If someone nutted on my cupcakes months ago, and there are no ill effects from it, don’t tell me. I’m like Mario Wynans “I don’t wanna know…”

  4. Shoebootie

    Look at that progress, woohoo! Proud of your consistency and having such a good attitude through it all. You inspired me to get back into weightlifting class at the gym. Little by little each day getting stronger!

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Very naural how Rod laughed at Karen s less successful joke. Oscar alert!

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Chile…when Rod mentioned Ken Paxton, I had to clutch my pearls! I live in Texas, and I am going to vote and do everything in my power not to have another Trump Presidency.

  7. J-Full

    Representative Georgina Sorors

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