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2917: The Official Drunk Black History

Rod and Karen are joined by the host of the official Drunk Black History podcast, Brandon Collins to discuss his upcoming Juneteenth show, drama with a past partner, gaining confidence in yourself, dealing with interpersonal conflict in comedy, Puff Daddy fallout, the binge model, the MCU and Anthony Mackie.

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  1. EvieE

    I love when Brandon is on the show, he’s so funny. Very disappointed to hear about the fallout with his friend over drunk black history. I’m only family with Gordon through his guest spots on medium popcorn and when he was filling in for Justin. He’s a funny dude but that was super shady of him. Maybe one day the relationship can be repaired one day but I believe Brandon will be successful with continuing on drunk black history on his own. I look forward to what else he has in store.

    I prefer to binge certain shows but now I have so many streaming services I can only keep up with once a week releases or else I’ll never catch up. I think there will come a point where these streaming services will combine with each other and create packages and basically just be cable all over again.

  2. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    I prefer binge watching tv shows. A lot of times, I let episodes pile up and then watch consecutively. I don’t like how Netflix is doing the part 1 and part 2 thing.

  3. matureyounglady@yahoo.com

    Shoutout to Brandon Collins! Sorry to hear about what transpired with his former collaborator. To quote my favorite housewife, Nene Leakes, “You never win when you play dirty.” Wishing Brandon continued success.

  4. Sean

    Still haven’t figured out why people did not like the Eternals… really well-made epic movie. Better than Dune (similar genre) in many ways…

  5. ApiafromGermany

    It was interesting to hear about his former partner. I always wonder how the other person can sleep at night. Like really. What does he tell himself to justify his actions? Probably that he is the real victim somehow.

  6. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for the episode. I enjoy it when Brandon is on the show.

  7. RoninRaphael

    Honestly, I am fine with binge or weekly model. Just be an awesome storytelling!

    I’m confused tho, is Wakanda Forever not considered a good movie anymore cause yes I knew the original plan that was in place by Ryan Coogler (he said so in a few interviews and on the Wakanda Forever podcast). However, I was under the impression that most considered it a solid movie. Me personally, I don’t hate movies like Eternals which have been referenced in a subtle way in She-Hulk. I recall during Iron Man 2 when Fury says Wakanda the map of Africa was on the screen, I was like hmmm in the theater and forgot about it. A few movies later before it got addressed, so I’m not bothered and there weren’t as many YouTubers then telling me that it was the end of the world if Marvel didn’t listen to their hot takes. A bunch of the “good youtubers” were quick to thrash Echo before it dropped the moment it was announced as a binge. I also don’t see why MCU should end after Endgame. Nobody has such suggestions for Broccoli Productions with their most successful James Bond nor Warner Bros after Dark Knight Rises. It’s always the MCU that the internet advisory committee is active on, since X-Men’97 ended a lot of “this is how Kevin Feige needs to treat the X-Men” or “lessons the MCU can learn from X-Men’97 when making movies ” videos been all over the YouTube. My only question, how many of these experts were consulted before Ms. Marvel, The Marvels, X-Men’97, Deadpool and Wolverine were made that it’s now Kevin Feige should start? They all said that the MCU was over and needed to reset back to Ironman 1 (so much for all MCU movies are repetitions of that film.)

    MCU gonna be just fine. Now if Sony would just end heck yeaaaaaaas!

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