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PG 411: Voluntold

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss good work news for Justin, getting a new roof, home repairs, Karen’s raise kicking in, Rod’s car update, the gym, Hitler and the Nazis, Clipped and listener feedback.

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  1. RoninRaphael

    Salutations my fav trio,

    I’m glad that Rod talked about an important part of the Nazi era which is the USSR and the so called “good guys.” I hope that you guys will one day visit Germany, their museums are worth your time whatever city you choose (might not want to start with the east first).

    If I may recommend a podcast episode that touched both the past and current that relates to what’s happening here. The 3rd episode of Over The Top / Under The Radar. It’s titled Vibes, Value, and Tax Me Baby. It’s from two Black British journalists tackling topics that are over or under the radar in their neck of the woods. It’s not about perfection, but I think that everyone interested in other Black experiences tied into past and current happenings should check it out.

    Voluntold is a traumatic word for some military folks hahaha. Ya’ll are the best!

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