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BDS 521: Balls Shallow

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback and Caitlin Clark. This was a short episode due to Rod double booking something. See you next time!



    Greeting Rod , K dot, & juka Doncic

    Hey Michael Finley maybe you should have let Luka have that beer! Because now he gonna be drinking all summer lol

    Congrats to Boston on winning the chip, even if folks said they moonwalked to the finals. They still had to win. What did YALL think of Tatum imitating past finals moments like Kobe, Garnett, and even Kanye west? Now they say Tatum up for a big payday this summer, to the tune of 350 M! He won on the court and perhaps off the court as his girl friend, singer Ella Mai from across the pond is pregnant! So double congrats to him

    Rod! (Ray Lewis me please brother!) Terrell Lewis is being accused of dick and dash! Homie is dealing with escorts from only fans in the off season! And got them chasing him down the hallway butt naked for their coin. Word on the streets is he is a repeat customer. Currently nfl playing are participating in OTAs but I guess for him OTA means on that ass.


    Rip to Willie mays, a baseball legend
    93 was a full life shout outs to him

    Have a great weekend y’all

    Fyahworks out!!

  2. csick

    What up Rod and Ja-mes Harden!
    As one of the few Celtics fans who listen to your show, I have to write in and congratulate my Celtics on a well deserved championship. I try not to be one of the super obnoxious Boston fans, so I’ll try to keep this brief. I’m just really proud of this team. It’s been really fun watching Tatum and Brown grow up as basketball players and as people. They’ve been through a lot from Kyrie and the Hayward Injury, to Kemba wearing down and finally getting the keys to the team and coming up short time and again. But they faced their doubters, kept getting better and finally got to the top.
    Why James Harden, you ask? Now that Al Horford gets his ring, Harden is now the active player with the most playoff games without winning a championship.

    P.S. Feel free to kill me for not writing in about the Celtics before now, just know I’ve been here this whole time quietly seething hearing you talk about them playing stupid basketball and how you can’t trust them.

    • csick

      Also now that I think about it I should have gone with Jime Udoka, instead of Harden. He lost Nia Long and let this complete weirdo Joe Mazzulla ride this team to a championship in his place. Fumbling all the bags.

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